Military Records

The Battle of Tupelo

The Battle of Tupelo, or Harrisburg, July 14th, 1863 By Stephen D. Lee General Lee made no report of the battle of Tupelo, or Harrisburg, during the war. It is therefore deemed pertinent to add to this account the following in way of explanation at this late day: “It is a duty which we surviving Confederates owe our families and posterity to prepare and have in accessible form as many facts as possible in regard to the war, that historians in the future may not be in doubt or in the dark. It is not too late yet to correct …

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Battle of Brice’s Cross Roads

Battle Of Brice’s Cross Roads, Or Tishomingo Creek, June 2nd to 12th, 1864 By Stephen D. Lee The campaign of Gen. Sherman, with his infantry command, from Vicksburg to Meridian, Miss. (February 3rd to March 5th, 1864), and his cavalry column, under Gen. William Sooy Smith, from Colliersville, Tenn., to West Point, Miss., (February nth to February 26th, 1864), left the two cavalry divisions of Generals S. D. Lee and N. B. Forrest much worn by excessive fatigue in marching and fighting continuously for over a month. The close of the campaign found Gen. Lee’s division in the vicinity of …

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