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Biography of George Forman

Early Pioneer My 4th Great Grandparents George Forman and Sarah Erwin were in the Natchez District in 1790 and settled on Coles Creek. George Forman was one of the early settlers of the Mississippi Territory. The Spanish Census for The District of Natchez in the year of 1792 lists “Jorge Forman” with 350 acres, 3 W/M’s under the age of 10, 1 W/M 16-26, 1 W/F under 10, 1 W/F 16-26, with 36 steers, 25 milk cows and 9 pigs. –Spanish Census 1792 Villa de Gayoso William Erwin is listed adjacent to George, he apparently is George’s father-in-law, George’s wife […]

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Biography of Thomas Lee, Sr.

Pioneer Farmer Thomas Lee, Sr., born in KY circa 1788, first appears in the Norman E. Gillis list of “Early Inhabitants of the Natchez District in 1810.” Research has found a Thomas Lee living in the household of Major John Lee in Woodford Co., KY in 1802, as is documented by the will of Major John Lee. Thomas married Milly Gennette Barefoot (Barfoot, Bairfoot) who was born in MS before 1810; however their marriage record has not been found in any of the southern states. Gillis’ list records him as being under 21 years of age with a wife under

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Biography of Richard Curtis, Jr.

First Baptist Minister in Mississippi Richard Curtis, Jr. was born in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, on May 20, 1756; son of Richard Curtis, Sr. and Phoebe, widow of William Jones. Richard Curtis, Sr., and family (there was a stepson, John Jones, who married Anna, daughter of William Brown on 28 Jun 1768, and five sons and three daughters) resided in 1775 on the Great Pee Dee River, near the mouth of Black River, South Carolina, but came to the Natchez Country in 1780, where Richard Curtis, Sr. died near Cole’s Creek on November 10, 1784. Accompanying Richard Curtis, Sr. to the

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Biography of Solomon Cole

Early Pioneer Solomon Cole, son of James Cole and Mary Rentfroe was born about 1760 in Ashpole Swamp, Bladen County, North Carolina. The family moved to “Natchez Country,” Mississippi in 1772. They located at “Coles Creek,” named for our Cole ancestors. Here, Solomon married Elizabeth Davis, widow of Charles Simmons. They had two sons named James Simmons and David D. Simmons (Black Dave). Solomon Cole received a Spanish Land Grant claim #756 of 200 acres, situated on the waters of Coles Creek, Natchez District dated: 4 January 1794. On 12 February 1778, Solomon Cole bought from his brother, Stephen Cole,

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Biography of Jacques Louis Beaube (Beaubet)

Pioneer French Seaman Jacques Luois Beaube (Beaubet), who first appears in the Norman E. Gillis list of “Early Inhabitants of the Natchez District in 1810,” was born in Cherbourg, France on Oct. 31, 1749. He was the first son of Gilleaume (William) Beaubet (s/o Jacques Beaubet and Jeanne Henry) and Marie Francoise Commenchail (d/o Jacques Commenchail and Kuenira Sarjois) of Cherbourg. He came to America sometime between 1778 and 1783 as a French seaman employed to fight for the colonists during the American Revolution. He had married Marie Anne Coquet on September 4, 1773 in Cherbourg, but there is no

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Biography of Rev. Joseph Bullen

Presbyterian Pioneer Minister The Rev. Joseph Bullen, pioneer Mississippi and Jefferson County settler, was born on 8 July 1750, in Brimfield Massachusetts. He was a member of an old colonial family, being the fourth generation in America. From an interview recorded many years later, Joseph said as a younger son, he was designated for the church. Therefore, he went to Yale College, from which he graduated in 1772. Evidently, graduation implied ordination, and as a Congregational minister. On 11 February 1774, he married Hannah Morse, and in subsequent years nine children were born. Later in 1774, he became minister of

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Family Bible

Family Bible of Peter Wilkinson Sr.

From the Wilkinson Family Bible in possession of Catherine Wilkinson Harrington. Births Neil Ray Wilkinson was born Nov. 23, 1809Hulda Trevillion was born May 20, 1816Elizbeth E. Wilkinson was born July 10, 1838Mary M. Wilkinson was born Oct. 23, 1840John M. Wilkinson was born March 26, 1848Phillip D. Wilkinson was born Dec. 17, 1844Sarah A. Wilkinson was born Jan. 9, 1849Peter C. Wilkinson was born Dec. 19, 1854Mary R. Faris was born May 25, 1887Elizabeth A. Wilkinson was born Feb. 6, 1878Ellen B. Wilkinson was born Apr. 19, 1880Lillie A. Wilkinson was born Dec. 11, 1881Betsy Jane Wilkinson was born

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Family Bible

Family Bible of Robert Griffing and Elizabeth Shaw

From a photocopy of the Bible pages in possesion of Linda Sykes, a descendant of the McCanlies family, copied by Sue Burns Moore, a descendant of the family through Harriet M. Griffing who married George W. Jones, Jr. in Jefferson Co. MS on Oct. 11, 1835. The first pages of the Bible are missing, but it is the Ninth Edition of the King James Version. In 1935, the Bible was in the possession of Madison H. McCanlies, pioneer citizen of Cisco, TX. His mother was Susanah H. Griffing, born in Jefferson County, MS on July 5, 1825. Births Robert Griffing,

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