1000 People – 1850 Lawrence County, Mississippi

I have completed my first grand in transcribing people from the 1850 Lawrence County, Mississippi census. This occured on the 24th page, 34th Line of the Lawrence County Census, household #177. Looking at it in numerical perspective that puts the average household size in Lawrence County as 5.67 people. This number may be somewhat off kilter, considering that one of the “households” transcribed was a hotel. The 1000’th person enumerated in Lawrence County was David Davis. In 1850, the Davis household consisted of 5 people. By the age of the eldest child, 21, it is likely that this is a […]

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Pleasant Bryant of Lawrence County, Misssissippi

While conducting genealogy research one of the most aggravating problems encountered by genealogists are name changes through records. Whether the name change is deliberate or accidental, it makes the research of the person/family much more difficult. Case in point, Pleasant Bryant of Lawrence County, Mississippi. Pleasant first appears on the 1840 Lawrence County, Mississippi census as a head of household. He would be about 21/22 years of age. He is listed there with his wife, and two male children less then 5 years of age. This is an accurate portrayal of Pleasant and Jane’s family at the time: Pleasant, Jane,

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Genealogy Research

This blog will be used for posting of items while I perform genealogical research. I am an active webmaster online of various genealogy websites, and extensively conduct research. While doing this, I often need a place for the keeping of genealogy research that can’t be placed with the content online. I am presently transcribing the 1850 Lawrence County, Mississippi Census for placement on Mississippi Genealogy. This census transcription is my effort to continue adding content to the Lawrence County, Mississippi USGenWeb site, which I’ve now assumed the roll of county coordinator. Copyright 2006 by Genealogy Research. All Rights Reserved.

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