1870 Lawrence County, Census – Mt. Carmel PO

1870 Lawrence County Census
Mt. Carmel Post Office Pg 244

Mt. Carmel Post  Office Pg 244

FNNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue R. E.PersonalPlace of Birth
1076, John35MWfarm hand$155Miss
1077, Lee31MWfarm handMiss
1078Blaire, Geo21MWfarm handMiss
1079Lott, D. W.32MWfarm handMiss
1080Walker, G.20MBfarm handMiss
1081Smith, D. G.24MWfarmer$150$180Miss
1082Denham, J. A.48MWfarmer$800$780Tenn
1083Hardy, J. F.25MWfarmer$385Ala
1084Caraway, W35MWfarmer$300$270Miss
1085Powell, H.26MBfarm handMiss




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