B Surnames – Residents of Lawrence County 1917-1918


Contributed by: Ray H. Banks <Rayhbanks@aol.com>
(Posted with his permission)

B Surnames Only

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 Birth Date


 Birth Location – Other

 Location of Registration

Baggett, Esters31 Jan 1881BLawrence    MS
Baggett, Harvey19 Jan 1892BMonticello MSRankin    MS
Baggett, Mack1875BLawrence    MS
Baggett, Walter18 Jul 1900BLawrence    MS
Baggett, Willie20 May 1900Brelat. lives ?Moretor LALawrence    MS
Ballard, Clarence E.10 Sep 1889WLawrence Co. MSPike    MS
Ballard, Clinton09 Feb 1896BSontag MSLawrence    MS
Ballard, Clinton09 Feb 1896Bworks RFD Wesson MSLawrence    MS
Ballard, Farrel Pinkney05 Sep 1897WLawrence    MS
Ballard, Grover Cleveland16 Dec 1894WTopeka MSLawrence    MS
Ballard, Robert S.22 May 1884WLawrence    MS
Ballard, Tommie Kellie27 Jun 1900WLawrence    MS
Ballard, William Franklin28 Mar 1875WLawrence    MS
Ballard, Willie05 Dec 1890BSontag MSMarion    MS
Ballew, James Luther02 Feb 1878WLawrence    MS
Ballew, Maston Leland16 Nov 1887WWanilla MSLawrence    MS
Barber, Marvin Estus30 Mar 1900WLawrence    MS
Bardwell, Jacob Arthur02 Aug 1895WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Bardwell, Jacob Cicero17 Mar 1875WLawrence    MS
Bardwell, John Benjamin21 Jun 1874WLawrence    MS
Bardwell, Virgil07 Aug 1890WJayess MSLawrence    MS
Barger, Henry Carlton27 Jul 1877Wlives RFD Sontag MSLincoln    MS
Barker, James15 Apr 1897WNew Hebron MSLawrence    MS
Barker, James15 Apr 1897Wdad b. Simpson Co. MSLawrence    MS
Barnes, Claiborne22 Feb 1892BSilver Creek MSCopiah    MS
Barnes, EddieJan 1879BLawrence    MS
Barnes, Elmer03 Dec 1898Bworks in Nola MSCovington    MS
Barnes, George15 Aug 1895BSilver Creek MSForrest    MS
Barnes, Isaac1882BLawrence    MS
Barnes, James Ebenez26 Oct 1882BLawrence    MS
Barnes, K.C.16 Aug 1892BLawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis    MS
Barnes, Madisonabt 1896BMonticello MSLincoln    MS
Barnes, Nevers02 Mar 1895BSilver Creek MSLawrence    MS
Barnes, Oliver10 Feb 1887BLawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis  MS
Barnes, Robert06 Aug 1884Blives RFD Prentiss MSLawrence    MS
Barnes, Tom1887BSilver Creek MSCopiah    MS
Barnes, William18 Aug 1881BLawrence    MS
Barnes, Zollie25 May 1883BLawrence    MS
Barnett, Dewitt Nelson02 Feb 1882WLawrence    MS
Barnett, Elisha Peter06 Jun 1891WJayess MSLawrence    MS
Barnett, James Varlney (Voln28 Jun 1895WJayess MSLawrence    MS
Barnett, William Harvey26 Nov 1879WLawrence    MS
Barns, Cleaveland10 Sep 1880Bworks in Norfield MSLawrence    MS
Barns, Cleaveland10 Sep 1880B[card filed in Bor section]Lawrence    MS
Bass, Charley14 Jun 1887BSilver Creek MSLiberty    FL
Bass, Ed Berch22 Feb 1888WLawrence Co. MSCopiah    MS
Bass, Fred Hope28 Sep 1895Wborn & lives New Hebron MSJefferson Davis  MS
Bass, Fred Lafayette24 Jun 1898WLawrence    MS
Bass, Georgeabt 1873BLawrence    MS
Bass, Henry H.19 Dec 1880WLawrence    MS
Bass, Homer Oscar28 Jul 1891WOak Vale MSLawrence    MS
Bass, Kerby16 Jan 1890WSilver Creek MSLawrence    MS
Bass, Leroy19 Jan 1899Brelat. lives Webb MSLawrence    MS
Bass, Louie15 Dec 1896BNew Hebron MSLamar    MS
Bass, Oliver H.28 Oct 1890Wnear Whitesand MSLawrence    MS
Bass, Robert I.06 Dec 1896WOak Vale MS
dad b. Lawrence Co. MS
Lawrence    MS
Bass, Shelby 04 Jun 1900WLawrence    MS
Batson, Buford A.06 Jun 1891WHattiesburg MSLawrence    MS
Batton, John Edward17 Dec 1881WLawrence    MS
Batton, W.Samuel11 Oct 1891WHooker MSLawrence    MS
Baum, James Thomas20 May 1877WLawrence    MS
Baygents, Oliver15 Apr 1885Blives at RFD Oma MSCopiah    MS
Baylis, Ernest24 Jun 1894BRobinson MSLawrence    MS
Baylis, Floyd19 Mar 1888BArm MSLawrence    MS
Baylis, George1896BArm MSLawrence    MS
Baylis, JohnieFeb 1891BArm MSLawrence    MS
Baylis, Peare10 Jun 1893Bnear Monticello MS
lives Robinwood MS
Lawrence    MS
Baylus, MacApr 1895BMonticello MSJasper    MS
Beal, Reuben Lafayette03 Sep 1892WTryna MSLawrence    MS
Beard, George CliftonJun 1875WLawrence    MS
Beard, Jonas Milton10 Aug 1975WLawrence    MS
Beard, Lewis Jackson21 Dec 1887WVerna MSLawrence    MS
Beard, Webbie25 Sep 1897WLawrence    MS
Bearden, Ogey11 Apr 1895BJayess MSLincoln    MS
Beasley, J.C.16 Sep 1899WLawrence    MS
Beeson, Shelby15 Feb 1896WBrookhaven MSLawrence    MS
Bender, James14 Nov 1881BLawrence    MS
Bennett, Arganie10 Sep 1900BLawrence    MS
Bennett, Daniel Curtis08 Jun 1896WGoss MS
dad b. Silver Creek MS
Marion    MS
Bennett, Emett04 Jul 1891BMonticello MS
[card filed in Bur section]
Jones    MS
Bennett, Ned04 Jul 1894WSilver Creek MSLawrence    MS
Benson, Allen05 Dec 1882BLawrence    MSLawrence    MS
Benson, Ben01 Nov 1892BOma MSLawrence    MS
Benson, Cabe Dent27 Aug 1893WGrange MSLawrence    MS
Benson, Claud Spurgeon27 May 1885WLawrence    MS
Benson, Collon Floyd15 Jul 1879WLawrence    MS
Benson, Fleet Coopper03 Apr 1878Wlives RFD New Hebron MSSimpson    MS
Benson, J.P.17 Jun 1896Whe & dad b. New Hebron MSLawrence    MS
Benson, John Lee17 May 1880WLawrence    MS
Benson, Larkey10 Mar 1892BOma MSLawrence    MS
Benson, Oscar12 Nov 1896BLa Grange MSSunflower    MS
Benson, Rayner Hall27 Sep 1890WGrange MSHarrison    MS
Benson, Samuel Eager03 Nov 1891WGrange MSLiberty    FL
Benson, William Pearl24 Dec 1884WLawrence    MS
Berry, Albert04 Apr 1891WNew Hebron MSSimpson    MS
Berry, Andrew Jackson02 Jul 1878WLawrence    MS
Berry, Carl Alonzo01 Sep 1900WLawrence    MS
Berry, Charley18 Jul 1888BNew Hebron MSSimpson    MS
Berry, Donnie Lee06 May 1892WPokal MSLawrence    MS
Berry, Ed16 Oct 1893BOma MSSimpson    MS
Berry, Ed16 Oct 1893Blives RFD New Hebron MSSimpson    MS
Berry, Elias Edward23 Mar 1875WNew Hebron MSLawrence    MS
Berry, Elzie04 Jan 1893WSimpson    MS
Berry, Ethel Barksdale12 Jan 1880Wrelative lives New Hebron MSWarren    MS
Berry, Geysell Willie24 Apr 1900WLawrence    MS
Berry, James Philip18 Oct 1891WHebron MSJefferson Davis  MS
Berry, Jeff Burkett31 Aug 1887WLawrence Co. MSMarion    MS
Berry, Jefferson08 Dec 1893WHebron MSJefferson Davis    MS
Berry, John06 Oct 1888BNew Hebron MSJefferson Davis    MS
Berry, John Ash29 Jul 1892WHebron MSMarion    MS
Berry, John Jefferson18 Jan 1876WLawrence    MS
Berry, Julius10 May 1892WNew Hebron MSCopiah    MS
Berry, Lawrence07 Apr 1894BNew Hebron MSSimpson    MS
Berry, Lenord Carl19 Jun 1887WWestville MSLawrence    MS
Berry, Leonard Carl19 Jun 1884WLawrence    MS
Berry, Luther20 Nov 1887WSimpson Co. MS
lives RFD Newhebron MS
Jefferson Davis  MS
Berry, Manson1894BWanilla MSSimpson    MS
Berry, Meddie05 Sep 1895WHebron MS
lives RFD Newhebron MS
Jefferson Davis  MS
Berry, Pink21 Oct 1879BLawrence    MS
Berry, Pleas William11 Jan 1882Blives RFD New Hebron MSSimpson    MS
Berry, Robert25 Dec 1896WSimpson Co. MSLawrence    MS
Berry, Thomas Dee27 Jul 1900WLawrence    MS
Berry, Ulissioh Stephen Grant02 Feb 1880Wlives Silver Creek MSJefferson Davis  MS
Berry, Youtha Guy06 Mar 1895WSimpson Co. MS
lives RFD Newhebron MS
Jefferson Davis   MS
Bethea, Charleyabt 1889BSimpson Co. MSLawrence    MS
Bethea, Guy Dodridge17 Feb 1894WJefferson Davis Co. MSJefferson Davis    MS
Bethea, Guy Dodridge17 Feb 1894Wlives RFD New Hebron MSJefferson Davis    MS
Bethea, John B__well03 Feb 1890WNew Hebron MSJones    MS
Bethea, Robert Cleveland?18 May 1885WLawrence    MS
Bethea, Will B.abt 1887BSimpson Co. MSLawrence    MS
Bilbo, Liberty Warren17 Sep 1872WLawrence    MS
Bingham, Thomas Frederick01 Dec 1890WEmbry MSLawrence    MS
Bird, Audley Verne05 Oct 1898WLawrence    MS
Bird, Cory Miller02 Jan 1876WLawrence    MS
Bird, Daniel Halloway12 Jul 1873WLawrence    MS
Bird, Holloway Herrington?08 Mar 1895WOma MSLawrence    MS
Black, Charley10 May 1885BLawrence    MS
Blackman, Alton S.18 Apr 1892WShivers MSLawrence    MS
Blackman, Erick Addison12 May 1880WLawrence    MS
Blackman, Henry Allen27 Feb 1890WShivers MSLawrence    MS
Blackman, Johnie J.17 Feb 1897WShivers MS
dad b. Marion Co. MS
Lawrence    MS
Blackman, Lyttle Lawrence13 Dec 1896WSilver Creek MS
dad b. Lawrence Co. MS
Lawrence    MS
Blackman, Madison Franklin25 Sep 1884WLawrence    MS
Blackman, Tally B.25 Sep 1888WHooker MSLawrence    MS
Blackmon, Jim Estus20 Mar 1897WPrentiss MS
dad b. Lawrence Co. MS
Jefferson Davis    MS
Blackmon, Jim Estus20 Mar 1897WJefferson Davis    MS
Blacks, Charley10 May 1886BLawrence    MS
Blackwell, Alfred Shurz30 Mar 1884WLawrence    MS
Blackwell, Dolph Joseph17 May 1897WOllie LA
dad b. Monticello MS
Lawrence    MS
Blackwell, J.Gale04 Nov 1895WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Blackwell, John Aaron11 Sep 1886WLawrence Co. MSLincoln    MS
Blackwell, Johnie Theodore09 Jul 1898WLawrence    MS
Blackwell, Mack C.24 Jun 1886WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Blackwell, Marcus Dailey L.09 Sep 1890WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Bond, Artis02 Mar 1892BOakvale MSPerry    MS
Boone, Alios20 Nov 1895Wnear Sartinville MS
lives RFD Jayess MS
Walthall    MS
Boone, Alonzo24 Oct 1883BLawrence    MS
Boone, Binet11 Jun 1897Whe & dad b. Sartinville MS
lives RFD Jayess MS
Walthall    MS
Boone, Charles Lee28 Feb 1885WLawrence    MS
Boone, Claude28 Jan 1895Wnear Sartinville MS
lives RFD Jayess MS
Walthall    MS
Boone, Clyde Leslie10 Sep 1896WJayess MSLawrence    MS
Boone, Estus Herrington03 Jun 1886WLawrence    MS
Boone, James Monroe04 Jun 1879WLawrence    MS
Boone, Joseph Oscar29 Oct 1881WLawrence    MS
Boone, Robert Edward27 Apr 1880WLawrence    MS
Boone, Sidney Lane02 Sep 1900Wrelat. lives RFD Jayess MSPike    MS
Booth, Delbert Manley28 Aug 1887WLa Grange MSChoctaw    MS
Booth, Edley J.21 Jan 1891WLa Grange MSSunflower    MS
Booth, Jimmie C.30 Mar 1893WLa Grange MS
lives RFD Mathiston MS
Choctaw    MS
Booth, William W.12 Jan 1890WLa Grange MS
lives RFD Mathiston MS
Choctaw    MS
Boswell, Robert Lee19 Jun 1879WLawrence    MS
Bourn, Ambrous Delbert23 Jul 1886BArm MSJefferson Davis    MS
Bourn, BennieJun 1887BBlountville MSLawrence    MS
Bourn, Charley03 Aug 1896Bnear Silver Creek MSLawrence    MS
Bourn, Charley Adam13 Jan 1884WLawrence    MS
Bourn, Daniel24 Nov 1893WOak Vale MSJefferson Davis    MS
Bourn, Eugine1888BLawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis    MS
Bourn, George J.abt 1891Wb. 6 Mar in Hottom MS
works in Arm MS
Marion    MS
Bourn, Homer Estus16 Nov 1881WLawrence    MS
Bourn, John Dewey26 Feb 1898WLawrence    MS
Bourn, John William24 Sep 1874WLawrence    MS
Bourn, Leon Henry14 Apr 1879WLawrence    MS
Bourn, Marshal Banks20 Jul 1897WArm MS
dad b. near Oak Vale MS
Lawrence    MS
Bourn, Oscar (Oscer)05 Mar 1896BOak Vale MSMarion    MS
Bourn, Willard Jesse17 Jun 1888Wnear Arm MSLawrence    MS
Bourn, William Ather10 May 1891WOak Vale MSJefferson Davis    MS
Bourne, Freddie Exzel01 Mar 1900WLawrence    MS
Bourne, J.Hollis29 Jul 1894WOak Vale MSMarion    MS
Bourne, Jesse Clifton05 Mar 1895WArm MSLawrence    MS
Bourne, Zolie23 Nov 1895WOak Vale MSJefferson Davis    MS
Boutwell, Fleet15 Nov 1899WLawrence    MS
Boutwell, Homer22 Aug 1893WBrookhaven MSLawrence    MS
Boutwell, John T.28 Aug 1885WLawrence    MS
Boutwell, Wesley14 Feb 1873WLawrence    MS
Boutwell, William S.15 Oct 1896Whe & dad b. Sontag MSLawrence    MS
Bowen, Charlie20 Jul 1898BLawrence    MS
Bowen, James1893BOakvale MSLamar    MS
Bowen, Lennie15 Oct 1880BLawrence    MS
Bowman, Clarence David02 Sep 1896WLincoln Co. MSLawrence    MS
Bowman, Eley Webster09 Jul 1888WLincoln Co. MSLawrence    MS
Bowman, John Henry02 Apr 1884WLawrence    MS
Boyd, Aquilla25 Jul 1888WLawrence Co. MSLawrence    MS
Boyd, Asa W.08 May 1891WJayess MSWalthall    MS
Boyd, Bennie Eathon25 Oct 1891WVerna MSLawrence    MS
Boyd, Berkley Benjamin09 Nov 1895WJayess MSLawrence    MS
Boyd, Clarence Eugene23 Aug 1893WLawrence Co. MSLawrence    MS
Boyd, Clifton Esco08 Sep 1878WLawrence    MS
Boyd, Clifton Sedley30 Aug 1894WJayess MSLawrence    MS
Boyd, Edris Tom25 Jun 1900WLawrence    MS
Boyd, Edward Porter15 Oct 1885Wworks in Urania LALawrence    MS
Boyd, George Clifton01 Sep 1899WLawrence    MS
Boyd, Henry Albert22 Jul 1874WLawrence    MS
Boyd, Homer Oscar20 Jul 1898WLawrence    MS
Boyd, Hughie Nelson22 Feb 1887WJayess MSLawrence    MS
Boyd, Jesse01 Dec 1880WLawrence    MS
Boyd, John Alonzo24 Jan 1885WLawrence    MS
Boyd, Joseph15 Mar 1897Whe & dad b. Verna MSWalthall    MS
Boyd, Lucius08 Oct 1888WJayess MSWalthall    MS
Boyd, Luther Sexton21 May 1891WJayess MSLawrence    MS
Boyd, Samuel Ezra22 Aug 1893WJayess MSLawrence    MS
Boyd, Thomas Jackson18 Apr 1877WLawrence    MS
Boyd, Wesley Esco01 Jun 1877Wlives RFD Verna MSLincoln    MS
Boyt, Ealy10 Jan 1892WBrookhaven MSLawrence    MS
Boyte, John15 Nov 1897WLawrence    MS
Bozeman, Alcus Rodolph13 Feb 1896WLawrence Co. MSLawrence    MS
Bozeman, Fred Martin27 Jul 1897WArm MSLawrence    MS
Bozeman, George Hulon13 Mar 1889WLawrence Co. MSLawrence    MS
Bozeman, John Archie13 Sep 1898WLawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis    MS
Bozeman, Marcus07 Dec 1881WLawrence    MS
Bozeman, Willie Estus12 Nov 1890WLawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis    MS
Bracey, M.C.23 Apr 1892WTilton MSMarion    MS
Bracey, McKinley23 Dec 1896BLincoln MSLawrence    MS
Bracey, Monroe L.05 Jan 1893WOak Vale MSMarion    MS
Bracey, Theodore Beckley30 Aug 1875WLawrence    MS
Bradford, John R.11 Aug 1891WLa Grange MSSunflower    MS
Bradshaw, Franklin Pierce02 Apr 1880WLawrence    MS
Bradshaw, George Edgar16 Mar 1898Wrelat. lives Newhebron MSAmite    MS
Branning, Charley Henry30 Dec 1887WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Branton, Emil06 May 1895WOak Vale MSJefferson Davis    MS
Braswell, Alfred Jack25 Oct 1876WLawrence    MS
Breland, John Ira24 Apr 1883WLawrence    MS
Brent, Jesse17 Mar 1897WPike Co. MS
dad b. Lawrence Co. MS
Lincoln    MS
Brent, Webb18 Oct 1891WWesson MS
lives in Oma MS
Copiah    MS
Brewer, Earnest10 Mar 1900BLawrence    MS
Brewer, Edgar Wesley25 Dec 1873WLawrence    MS
Brewer, Herschel25 Jun 1896Whe & dad b. Lincoln Co. MSLawrence    MS
Brewer, Ike28 Mar 1880BLawrence    MS
Brewer, John22 Mar 1878BLawrence    MS
Bridges, Anderson27 Jan 1894Bnear Monticello MSLawrence    MS
Bridges, Ceaser05 Sep 1900Bgrandmom lives Glendora MSLawrence    MS
Brewer, Joseph Thomas
Bridges, Cleveland06 Jul 1884BLawrence    MS
Bridges, Fres?06 Aug 1896Bhe & dad b. Arm MS
relat. lives Chase LA
Marion    MS
Bridges, Geovenor Davis13 Feb 1900BLawrence    MS
Bridges, Harrison15 Oct 1891BMonticello MSWalthall    MS
Bridges, Henry15 May 1885BLawrence    MS
Bridges, Henry03 Jan 1879BLawrence    MS
Bridges, Jobie1892BArm MSLawrence    MS
Bridges, Josh02 Sep 1889BTilton MS (?Tilden MS)Marion    MS
Bridges, KellyFeb 1891BMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Bridges, LeonAug 1891BArm MSLawrence    MS
Bridges, Lewis15 Dec 1888BMcComb MS
lives RFD Jayess MS
Walthall    MS
Bridges, Orlan Louis29 Apr 1894WHebron MSJefferson Davis    MS
Bridges, Reuben20 Aug 1882BLawrence    MS
Bridges, Robert Luther22 Jun 1889WHarrisville MSLawrence    MS
Bridges, Roscoe09 Jan 1900BLawrence    MS
Bridges, Simion P.25 Aug 1889BTilton MSWalthall    MS
Bridges, Thomas H.25 Dec 1882BLawrence    MS
Bridges, Tom26 Aug 1893BMonticello MSPike    MS
Bridges, Tom15 Jun 1893BTilton MS (?Tilden MS)Marion    MS
Bridges, Vander06 Jul 1891BArm MSMarion    MS
Bridges, Virgil Lafayette16 Sep 1889WNew Hebron MSJefferson Davis    MS
Bridges, Wash15 Dec 1882BLawrence    MS
Bridges, Washington13 Feb 1885BLawrence MSLawrence    MS
Bridges, William06 Apr 1890Brelat. lives Silver Creek MSHarrison    MS
Bridges, WillieApr 1891BArm MSLawrence    MS
Bridges, Young15 Mar 1887BArm MSMarion    MS
Brinson, Adam S.28 Jan 1895WHebron MSLawrence    MS
Brinson, Alonzo Crook23 Jun 1879WLawrence    MS
Brinson, Daniel Webster10 Mar 1884WLawrence    MS
Brinson, Estus Drummond02 Nov 1892WHebron MSLawrence    MS
Brinson, James Rosco02 Jan 1895WMt.Carmel MSLawrence    MS
Brinson, John Newsom20 Jun 1880WLawrence    MS
Brisker, Frank20 Jun 1900Brelative lives Wanilla MS
lives in Oma MS
Copiah    MS
Brister, Benjamin15 Jan 1896WLawrence Co. MSWalthall    MS
Brister, Chancy15 Nov 1896BVerna MSPike    MS
Brister, Evrit Ray30 Oct 1894WVaiden MSLawrence    MS
Brister, H.Cleveland28 Aug 1888WLincoln Co. MS
lives RFD Jayess MS
Walthall    MS
Brister, Harrison02 Jun 1888BRFD Ruth MSLawrence    MS
Brister, Harvie Lee (Le)18 Dec 1893WVerna MSLincoln    MS
Brister, Hulon D.01 Sep 1884WLawrence    MS
Brister, James Richmond28 Feb 1897Whe & dad b. Lincoln Co. MSLawrence    MS
Brister, James Smiley (Sniley)19 Jan 1900Blives RFD Verna MSLincoln    MS
Brister, John F.05 Jan 1896WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Brister, Joseph Eugene12 Oct 1899WLawrence    MS
Brister, Luther H.17 Jul 1894WLincoln Co. MS
lives RFD Jayess MS
Walthall    MS
Brister, Melvin Walter05 May 1888WLincoln Co. MSLawrence    MS
Brister, Oda Sabel06 Jun 1892WVerna MSLincoln    MS
Brister, Robert Milton06 Oct 1887WLawrence Co. MSLawrence    MS
Brister, Sebron03 Jun 1897BWanilla MS
dad b. Lawrence Co. MS
Lawrence    MS
Britt, Green27 Aug 1887WBrookhaven MSLawrence    MS
Brooks, Eddie Lee1896Bhe & dad b. Canton MSLawrence    MS
Brooks, William1889BPinola MS
works in New Hebron MS
Simpson    MS
Brooks, William Kar24 Oct 1876Wrelat. lives Monticello MSJackson Co.    MS
Brown, Aaron20 Nov 1884BLawrence    MS
Brown, Carsey Oscar16 Aug 1873Bmom lives Silver Creek MSLamar    MS
Brown, Charlie Junius15 Aug 1895BMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Brown, Clary Jerry30 May 1889Bnear Monticello MSLawrence    MS
Brown, Cleveland15 Nov 1889BHooker MSLawrence    MS
Brown, Daniel10 Apr 1879BLawrence    MS
Brown, Dave15 Mar 1892BMonticello MSRankin    MS
Brown, EarnestMar 1877BLawrence    MS
Brown, Ebenezer24 Jan 1892BLawrence Co. MSLincoln    MS
Brown, Estus11 Apr 1886BLawrence    MS
Brown, Floyd Joe30 May 1889Bnear Monticello MSLawrence    MS
Brown, Frank01 Aug 1900Bworks in Bogalusa LALawrence    MS
Brown, Harley A.04 Dec 1883WLawrence    MS
Brown, Horner13 Mar 1883BLawrence    MS
Brown, Ire1895BMonticello MSSharkey    MS
Brown, Ivah Lamar22 Dec 1889WGrange MSWalthall    MS
Brown, James B.27 Sep 1888BMonticello MSHancock    MS
Brown, John23 Jul 1896BExpose MS
dad b. Monticello MS
Marion    MS
Brown, John William24 Jun 1879WLawrence    MS
Brown, Lawrence20 Dec 1889BLawrence Co. MSCopiah    MS
Brown, McKinley24 Dec 1895BNew Hebron MSJefferson Davis    MS
Brown, Monroe06 Jul 1896BRankin Co. MS
lives New Hebron MS
Jefferson Davis    MS
Brown, Mosby29 Nov 1894WNew Hebron MSSimpson    MS
Brown, Percy05 Sep 1893Bnear Oma MSCopiah    MS
Brown, Preston01 Feb 1876BLawrence    MS
Brown, Preston06 Jan 1896Bnear Monticello MSLawrence    MS
Brown, Rowan08 Apr 1891BSontag MSLawrence    MS
Brown, Scott02 Feb 1894BLawrence Co. MSLincoln    MS
Brown, Sim25 Mar 1884BLawrence    MS
Brown, Vest04 Jan 1879BLawrence    MS
Brown, Walker25 Apr 1883BLawrence    MS
Brown, Will10 Mar 1896Bnear Monticello MSLawrence    MS
Browning, Charley Henry30 Dec 1887WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Browning, Clinton11 Mar 1890WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Brumfield, Archie F.13 Sep 1896WMonticello MS
dad b. Tylertown MS
Walthall    MS
Brumfield, Louis Isaac25 Nov 1879Wlives RFD Jayess MSWalthall    MS
Brumfield, Samuel Omelia15 Jan 1876Wlives RFD Jayess MSWalthall    MS
Bryant, Alvy Webester06 Apr 1900Wlives RFD Nola MSLincoln    MS
Bryant, Bob CollinsWLawrence    MS
Bryant, Earl Clifton12 Feb 1887WOak Vale MSJefferson Davis    MS
Bryant, Eddie19 Nov 1881Blives at RFD Oma MSCopiah    MS
Bryant, George Y.abt 1879Brelat. lives Prentiss MSLawrence    MS
Bryant, Green1896BHooker MSLawrence    MS
Bryant, Henderson02 May 1879Blives RFD Rockport MSLawrence    MS
Bryant, Henryabt 1876Bworks in Wesson MSLawrence    MS
Bryant, Henry G.23 Apr 1893BHooker MSLawrence    MS
Bryant, Henry Houston15 Jun 1896WSontag MS
works in Monticello MS
Lawrence    MS
Bryant, Houston15 Apr 1884BLawrence    MS
Bryant, Hugh Park25 Nov 1882WLawrence    MS
Bryant, James Otha23 Jul 1893WSontag MSLawrence    MS
Bryant, Jerry S.15 May 1892BHooker MSLawrence    MS
Bryant, Joe30 May 1895BMonticello MS
he & dad b. Hooker MS
Marion    MS
Bryant, Johnabt 1877BLawrence    MS
Bryant, JonasJan 1874BLawrence    MS
Bryant, Lenoir Evan11 Nov 1879BLawrence    MS
Bryant, Robert Andy13 Aug 1889WPearl River Co. MSLawrence    MS
Bryant, Roger25 Dec 1888BMonticello MSMarion    MS
Bryant, Thad Vernon24 Dec 1889WOak Vale MSJefferson Davis    MS
Bryant, William Loyd10 Dec 1896WPike Co. MSLawrence    MS
Bryant, Willie09 Oct 1885BLawrence    MS
Buchanan, Carsa William12 Sep 1897Wworks in Norfield MSLawrence    MS
Buchanan, Ed16 May 1881BLawrence    MS
Buchanan, Leslie Fate22 Jun 1900WLawrence    MS
Buckley, Alvin Richard17 Oct 1896WJefferson Davis Co. MS
lives RFD Newhebron MS
Jefferson Davis    MS
Buckley, Arnonabt 1896BSilver Creek MSLawrence    MS
Buckley, Ben Oliver09 Dec 1889WNew Hebron MSLawrence    MS
Buckley, Buren (Bueren)13 Dec 1895BOak Vale MSLawrence    MS
Buckley, Dee Myers06 May 1892WHebron MSJefferson Davis    MS
Buckley, Earley1900BLawrence    MS
Buckley, Edgar08 Mar 1896BOak Vale MSJefferson Davis    MS
Buckley, Emmetabt 1900BLawrence    MS
Buckley, Ernest08 Oct 1898BLawrence    MS
Buckley, Farrar William26 Aug 1882WLawrence    MS
Buckley, Homer Floyd28 Oct 1877WLawrence    MS
Buckley, Homer Henery16 Oct 1882BLawrence    MS
Buckley, Huston William05 Aug 1900Wlives New Hebron MSSimpson    MS
Buckley, Isaac12 Jul 1889BOak Vale MSJefferson Davis    MS
Buckley, Isom Brown19 Nov 1893WHebron MS
lives RFD Shivers MS
Jefferson Davis    MS
Buckley, James08 Feb 1885BLawrence    MS
Buckley, James Ellis29 Apr 1894WNew Hebron MSLawrence    MS
Buckley, Joe19 Mar 1887BOak Vale MSJefferson Davis    MS
Buckley, Joe12 Apr 1889BShivers MS
lives in New Hebron MS
Simpson    MS
Buckley, John25 Dec 1882BLawrence    MS
Buckley, John Quitman04 Jun 1884WLawrence    MS
Buckley, John Russell02 Oct 1887WNew Hebron MSSimpson    MS
Buckley, Laurie Clarence12 Apr 1892WGoss MSLawrence    MS
Buckley, Melvin Webster28 Aug 1881Wlives RFD New Hebron MSSimpson    MS
Buckley, Nona06 Dec 1894BSilver Creek MSLawrence    MS
Buckley, Riley29 Oct 1886BOakvale MSSunflower    MS
Buckley, Ruben22 Oct 1899Blives Silver Creek MSJefferson Davis    MS
Buckley, Sam12 Jul 1878Blives RFD New Hebron MSSimpson    MS
Buckley, Sherman14 Apr 1896BOak Vale MSJefferson Davis    MS
Buckley, Thomas Elisha02 Mar 1887WGoss MSLawrence    MS
Buckley, Thomas Jefferson06 Jun 1890WNewhebron MSSimpson    MS
Buckley, Walter22 Sep 1896BNew Hebron MSLawrence    MS
Buckley, William Clarence19 Nov 1895WMonticello MS
student in Bowling Green KY
Lawrence    MS
Buckley, Willie1900BLawrence    MS
Buckly, Dempsy (Dempy)18 Dec 1887BNew Hebron MSSimpson    MS
Bullock, Benjamin Nanton18 Jul 1882WLawrence    MS
Bullock, Charlie Marshell30 Sep 1878WLawrence    MS
Bullock, FredMar 1900Blives in Norfield MSLawrence    MS
Bullock, Hoza DavisMar 1876WLawrence    MS
Bullock, Jeff03 Apr 1882BLawrence    MS
Bullock, Jesse Lee04 Apr 1892WVerna MSLawrence    MS
Bullock, Murray15 Aug 1898Bmom lives Whatley ALLawrence    MS
Bullock, Oda Leon18 Mar 1895WVerna MSLawrence    MS
Bullock, Willie Oscar13 Oct 1881BLawrence    MS
Burch, George Allen05 Apr 1883WLawrence    MS
Burgess, Lonzo Jefferson01 Mar 1875Wlives RFD New Hebron MSJefferson Davis    MS
Burkett, Fred25 Aug 1894WArm MS
lives in Sumrall MS
Jefferson Davis    MS
Burkett, Gabe29 May 1880Blives in New Hebron MSJefferson Davis    MS
Burkett, Jabus23 Aug 1895WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Burkett, Jabus Rawle[no significant info on card]Lawrence    MS
Burkette, James10 Oct 1895BMonticello MS
[card filed in Bor section]
Lawrence    MS
Burnett, Albert14 Sep 1872BLawrence    MS
Burnett, Baxter Harrison Fielden14 Dec 1883WLawrence    MS
Burnett, Will1893BLawrence Co. MSLawrence    MS
Burnett, Winston Conway15 Aug 1873WLawrence    MS
Bush, Frederick Marshall19 Jul 1880WLawrence    MS
Bush, Henry Carl12 Jan 1878WLawrence    MS
Bush, Houston Theopholus06 Nov 1875WLawrence    MS
Bush, Luther Deloach28 Oct 1884Wlives New Hebron MSJefferson Davis    MS
Butler, Bennett14 Nov 1896WGrange MS
dad b. Raleigh MS
Marion    MS
Butler, Bennie15 May 1884Blives RFD Silver Creek MSJefferson Davis    MS
Butler, BufordSep 1896BSilver Creek MSLawrence    MS
Butler, Dale10 Mar 1890BSilver Creek MSLawrence    MS
Butler, Dana20 Nov 1895BSilver Creek MSFranklin    MS
Butler, Daniel Lee15 Jul 1875BLawrence    MS
Butler, Edmund Garfield22 Feb 1882WLawrence    MS
Butler, Edward Buford25 Nov 1896WMonticello  MS
dad b. Whitesand MS
Lawrence    MS
Butler, Elzie21 Jan 1896BNew Hebron MSSimpson    MS
Butler, Essie30 Apr 1898BLawrence    MS
Butler, Frank Fenno28 Sep 1893Wborn & lives Silver Creek MSJefferson Davis    MS
Butler, George22 May 1897B he & dad b. Silver Creek MSLamar    MS
Butler, Holice22 Feb 1900BLawrence    MS
Butler, JamesMar 1877BLawrence    MS
Butler, Joe Bird18 Jan 1888WGrange MSLawrence    MS
Butler, John Quincy30 Jan 1885WLawrence    MS
Butler, Johnie06 Aug 1900Brelat. lives Silver Creek MSMarion    MS
Butler, Leslie01 May 1889BSilver Creek MSLawrence    MS
Butler, Lim Marion10 Sep 1896WHebron MS
dad b. Silver Creek MS
Hinds    MS
Butler, Nathaniel Lowrey24 Nov 1899Wlives RFD Silver Creek MSJefferson Davis    MS
Butler, Tom01 Jan 1883BLawrence    MS
Butler, Tom08 Dec 1896Bhe & dad b. Silver Creek MSLawrence    MS
Butler, Will28 Mar 1888WLincoln Co. MS
ives RFD Monticello MS
Lincoln    MS
Butler, William Laurence14 Dec 1879WLawrence    MS
Butler, William Oscar27 Jul 1895WSilver Creek MSJefferson Davis    MS
Butler, William Robert10 Dec 1891WGrange MSLawrence    MS
Buttler, Archie H.03 Mar 1892WMonticello MSJones    MS
Buttler, Eliga Whitfield19 Aug 1887WLawrence Co. MSJones    MS
Byrd, Benjamin Harden20 Jan 1885WLawrence Co. MSLawrence    MS
Byrd, Ellis Eugene26 Jan 1890WLincoln    MS
Byrne, James Cowart02 Oct 1872WLawrence    MS
Byrne, Ollie07 Sep 1891WSilver Creek MSLawrence    MS
Byrne, William Franklin18 Mar 1876WLawrence    MS
Byrnes, Fred Mitchiel01 Mar 1894W Lawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis    MS



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