Descendants of James Hogan Bull

Descendants of James Hogan Bull

Contributed by Roger Bull on 8 June, 2004

Generation No. 1

1.  JAMES HOGAN4 BULL  (AMBROSE3, ROBERT2, THOMAS SR.1) was born June 23, 1780 in New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina, and died August 25, 1840 in Yazoo County, Mississippi.  He married FRELOVE CAMPBELL 1797 in Lawrence County, Mississippi, daughter of JOHN CAMPBELL and LYDIA CHAPMAN.  She was born April 10, 1777, and died December 09, 1850 in Yazoo Co., MS.

Source: Jack Pepper’s Peppertree website.
Bull, James Hogan (1780 – 1840)
b. 23 JUN 1780 in Craven, NC
d. 25 AUG 1840 in Benton, Yazoo, MS
father: Bull, Ambrose(~1755 – 1789)
mother: Johnson, Elizabeth(1753 – 1838)
Born, reared and married in North Carolina. Moved to Georgia then to Lawrence County, Mississippi. Moved to Yazoo County, Mississippi in 1834 and settled on land that his son, J.C., had farmed for a year. While in Lawrence County, he served as postmaster at “Ole Brook” and as a magistrate. He also represented his county as one of the first state legislators for the State of Mississippi.
spouse: Campbell, Freelove ‘Lovey’ (1777 – 1850)
– m. ABT 1799 in Craven
———-child: Bull, Sarah ‘Sally’ (1800 – 1877)
———-child: Bull, Susannah ‘Susan’ (1803 – 1853)
———-child: Bull, Ambrose Carroll (1806 – 1890)
———-child: Bull, James Campbell (1811 – 1892)
———-child: Bull, Mary (1813 – 1854)
———-child: Bull, William Maurice (1816 – 1843)
Source:  email from Jack Pepper to Roger Charles Bull, April 9, 2000:


Yazoo County has never been part of Lawrence Co. It was created from Indian lands in the early 1820s, a few years after Mississippi was
given statehood (1817). James Hogan Bull lived in Lawrence Co. when he acquired his first land in Yazoo Co. The part of Lawrence Co. where he (originally) settled became part of Lincoln Co. in 1870.

I do not have my records with me, but I am almost positive that James Hogan is buried in the Bull Cemetery in Yazoo Co. I will check
with John Bull, who lives in the old Bull house across the road from the cemetery. I may even try to get a picture of his gravestone for you.
Nina Pepper, now deceased, inventoried the Bull Cemetery — and published the results in a Mississippi Genealogical Society publication. I had a photocopy that I made in the State Archives. The Bible records are also in the Archives in Jackson.

Keep up your good work.

Source:  email from Jack Pepper to Roger Charles Bull, April 11, 2000.


Maybe I can put to rest the vicinity debate about James Hogan Bull.
James Hogan was born in Craven Co., NC; moved first to GA; then to Lawrence Co., MS; and then to Yazoo Co., MS where he remained until his death. He is buried in the Bull Cemetery across the highway from his home.

There was no break in the ownership of his property during his life time, and much of it is still owned by members of the family. I am a
licensed engineer and provided some engineering service for John E. Bull, Sr. (whose son, John Jr. and his daughter, Susie, still live on the home place) and rode over much of his property while planning drainage ditches. Unless someone can find definite proof of any moves he made after settling in Yazoo Co., I feel it is safe to conclude that he did not leave for Arkansas. Of course, we know that he had a son and a brother that moved to AR, but he had large land holdings in Yazoo Co., so would have had no reason to move.

There have been several descendants named for James Hogan Bull. This could have contributed to the confusion about any moving to Arkansas.

My Samuel Pepper, the father of Zedekiah (who married Sarah/”Sally” Bull, daughter of James Hogan Bull), settled in Lawrence Co., MS about the same time that James Hogan Bull settled. Since Zedekiah and Sally married in Lawrence Co., I assume the families lived near each other. Samuel (and a number of his descendants are buried in the Pepper Cemetery in Lawrence Co. — in the area that became Lincoln Co. in 1870). JH Bull was supposed to have been the first postmaster of “Old Brook.” Samuel’s land grant was located near Brookhaven, MS. Numerous descendants still live in that area. Some of his sons moved to Arkansas prior to the Civil War, and Zedekiah was
the only one that moved to Yazoo Co., MS. where he received several tracts of land within a few miles of his father-in-law, James Hogan Bull. Zedekiah and Sally had twelve children — all of them remained in Yazoo Co. during their lifetimes.

As for Nina Pepper’s record, I worked very closely with her during her later years, and had access to all of her research. She was very active in DAR (joined through Ambrose Bull, and I believe was the one that had his service approved), and had numerous records (cemetery and bible records) deposited in the MS State Archives. Most of them in publications of the Mississippi Genealogical Society. Nina and I were members of the same church and I saw her regularly for many years. We kept each other informed about any new research.

About the confusion about where JH Bull lived in MS, he came to MS, before it became a State in 1817, and settled near Brookhaven, when it was in Lawrence Co. (in part that became Lincoln Co. in 1870). The central and northern part of MS was acquired by Indian treaties after it became a State. Hinds Co. was created from a large portion of the central part, then Yazoo Co. was created from most of the undeveloped lands in that county. Later Yazoo was divided into several counties, but James Hogan’s land always remained in Yazoo Co. (about 100 miles north of his home in Lawrence Co.) as it is today.

Just for the record, I was born and raised in Yazoo City in Yazoo Co., MS. After WW II, I married and lived in the eastern part of that county
(not far from the Bull property) for 40 years, and passed the Bull home regularly. I know John Jr. and Susie Bull very well. Susie has been a
librarian in the city library in Yazoo City and John farmed the old Bull plantation (and maintains the cemetery). I have been living in Jackson for 15 years, so do not see John and Susie as often. I believe he has retired from farming (rents out the farm land).
Keep up the good work. We are fortunate to have a number of researchers interested in this family.

Jack Pepper
Burial: 1840, Bull Cemetery on Bull Plantation, Benton, Yazoo County, Ms. (on Hwy 16 just east of Benton exit)
Elected: Bet. 1823 – 1825, 3) Served in the Legislature sessions as a delegate from Lawrence County.  Reported in MS Gen. and Local Hist Quarterly, Vol 111, No. 1, March 1974, p. 54.
Military service: 1812, Served as lieutenant in Georgia militia during War of 1812, as did his brother Robert Bull.
Pension: Named after the American Revolutionary War Hero, James Hogan.
Property: September 08, 1835, Bought land in Yazoo County, Mississippi.  Signed by Andrew Jackson. Ref. U.S. Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Land Mngt, Washington 25, D.C.
Residence: Abt. 1817, James Hogan moved to Lawrence Co.,  MS (Lawrence Co. was divided in 1823 to become part of Lincoln Co., MS)

Burial: 1850, Bull Cemetery on Bull Plantation, Benton, Yazoo County, Ms.

2. i. SARAH5 BULL, b. May 08, 1800, Craven County, North Carolina; d. April 19, 1877, Deasonville, Yazoo County, Mississippi.
3. ii. SUSAN BULL, b. December 07, 1803, Craven County, North Carolina; d. May 25, 1853, Benton, Yazoo, Mississippi.
4. iii. AMBROSE CARROLL BULL, b. February 09, 1806, Mississippi; d. April 12, 1890, Bulls Creek, Mills County, Texas.
5. iv. JAMES CAMPBELL BULL, b. January 17, 1811, Jasper County, Ga; d. December 10, 1892, Benton, Yazoo County, Mississippi.
6. v. MARY BULL, b. April 20, 1813, Jasper County, Georgia; d. November 16, 1854, Yazoo County, Mississippi.
7. vi. WILLIAM MAURICE BULL, b. June 04, 1816, Lawrence County, Mississippi; d. October 29, 1843, Yazoo County, Mississippi (formerly Lawrence County, MS).
Generation No. 2

2.  SARAH5 BULL (JAMES HOGAN4, AMBROSE3, ROBERT2, THOMAS SR.1) was born May 08, 1800 in Craven County, North Carolina, and died April 19, 1877 in Deasonville, Yazoo County, Mississippi.  She married ZEDEKIAH PEPPER September 12, 1819 in Lawrence County (later Yazoo Co.), Mississippi, son of SAMUEL PEPPER and ANNA HARPER.  He was born January 13, 1800 in Anderson County, Pendleton District, SC, and died October 11, 1886 in Yazoo Co., MS.

More About SARAH BULL:
Burial: April 1877, Yazoo County, Mississippi

Source:  email from Jack Crenshaw Grantham to Roger Charles Bull, 11/19/1999:

Zedekiah Pepper who married Sarah Bull, dau. of James Hogan Bull
Sarah Bull was a sister to Wm M. Bull, father of Mary Jane Bull Crenshaw.
The following copied from Yazoo, Its Legends and Legacies, (1976) by Harriet
De Cell and JoAnne Prichard. Not all copied here.
“Zedekiah Pepper was b. in Pendleton District, SC 13 Jan 1800 and d. in Yazoo County 11 Oct 1886. He was a son of Samuel Pepper and wife Anna, who moved to Lawrence County, MS in1809. It was there on 6 Sep 1819 that Zedekiah m. SARAH BULL, b. 8 May 1800 in Craven County, NC, d. 19 Apr 1877 in Yazoo County MS. She was a daughter of James Hogan Bull and wife, Lovey Campbell. Both are buried in the Bull Family Cemetery. (Benton, Yazoo Co. MS),
“On 20 Aug 1834 Zedekiah Pepper purchased land from Joel Harvey. Located about a mile west of Deasonville, the family home was a landmark in the community until recent years. Both Zedekiah Pepper and his wife, Sarah, with several of their children, are buried on the plantation. “Zedekiah and Sara Bull Pepper were the parents of 12 children, all of whom, except one, grew up, married and had families, and have left numerous descendants in the eastern section of Yazoo County.

Burial: 1886, Yazoo County, MS
Census: 1820, Lawrence County, Mississippi, page 68
Property: August 20, 1834, Purchased land about 1 mile west of Deasonville, MS, the family home a landmark in the community until recent years, from Joel Harvey.
Residence: 1819, Lawrence Co. (later Yazoo Co.), MS

i. ELISHA6 PEPPER, b. June 20, 1820, Lawrence County, Mississippi; d. January 15, 1885, Yazoo County, Mississippi; m. SARAH RACHEL WEST, August 25, 1845, Yazoo County, Mississippi; b. 1824, Louisiana.

Burial: January 1885, Yazoo County, Mississippi
Census: 1850, Yazoo County, Mississippipage 512

ii. FREELOVE PEPPER, b. October 11, 1821, Lawrence County, Mississippi; d. July 16, 1896, Yazoo County, Mississippi; m. SAMUEL ZEDERMAN DIXON, December 14, 1837, Lawrence County, Mississippi; b. 1817, Louisiana; d. 1887, Yazoo County, Mississippi.

Burial: July 1896, Yazoo County, Mississippi

Burial: 1887, Yazoo County, Mississippi
Census: 1880, Hart Town, Yazoo County, Mississippi, page 519

iii. EZERIAH B. PEPPER, b. May 06, 1823, Lawrence County, Mississippi; d. August 04, 1854, Yazoo County, Mississippi; m. ELIZABETH KUHN, November 23, 1848, Yazoo County, Mississippi; b. 1827, Alabama.

Burial: August 1854, Yazoo County, Mississippi

iv. MARY ANN PEPPER, b. February 02, 1825, Lawrence County, Mississippi; d. August 09, 1828, Lawrence County, Mississippi (died at age 3).

Burial: August 1828, Lawrence County, Mississippi

v. ZEDEKIAH JR. PEPPER, b. January 06, 1827, Lawrence County, Mississippi; d. November 28, 1898, Yazoo County, Mississippi; m. MATILDA R(ACHEL?) BEALL, January 30, 1851; b. March 26, 1831, Alabama; d. January 21, 1896, Mississippi.

Burial: November 1898, Yazoo County, Mississippi
Census: 1860, Yazoo County, Mississippi, page 1021

Burial: January 1896, Mississippi

vi. WILLIAM JEROME PEPPER, b. February 05, 1829, Lawrence County, Mississippi; d. September 01, 1859, Mississippi; m. ?, June 23, 1858, Mississippi.

Burial: September 1859, Mississippi

vii. SAMUEL JAMES PEPPER, b. March 25, 1831, Lawrence County, Mississippi; d. September 11, 1878, Yazoo County, Mississippi.

Burial: September 1878, Yazoo County, Mississippi
Census: 1870, Yazoo County, Mississippi, page 278

viii. SARAH PEPPER, b. March 25, 1833, Lawrence County, Mississippi or Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. March 12, 1854; m. FRANCIS MARION BELL, December 12, 1850.

Burial: March 1854

ix. AMBROSE GWIN PEPPER, b. May 30, 1835, Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. September 11, 1911, Yazoo County, Mississippi; m. (1) AMANDA STUBBLEFIELD, February 08, 1859, Yazoo County, Mississippi; b. 1838, Mississippi; m. (2) JOANNA RUCKER, October 11, 1886, Yazoo County, Mississippi; b. 1843; d. 1920.

Burial: September 1911, Yazoo County, Mississippi
Census: 1870, Yazoo County, Mississippi, page 296

Burial: 1920
Religion: No children to Ambrose Gwin Pepper and Joanna Rucker Pepper.

x. JOHN JEFFERSON PEPPER, b. August 22, 1837, Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. October 22, 1914, Yazoo County, Mississippi; m. RACHEL PENNY, October 26, 1859, Yazoo County, Mississippi; b. April 29, 1843, Mississippi; d. February 24, 1887, Yazoo County, Mississippi.

Burial: October 1914, Yazoo County, Mississippi
Census: 1870, Yazoo County, Mississippi, page 277

Burial: February 1887, Yazoo County, Mississippi

xi. ROBERT BRUCE PEPPER, b. November 18, 1839, Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. October 02, 1917, Yazoo County, Mississippi; m. AGNES HANDLEY, March 21, 1861, Yazoo County, Mississippi; b. May 20, 1844, Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. September 02, 1898, Yazoo County, Mississippi.

Burial: October 1917, Yazoo County, Mississippi
Census: 1870, Yazoo County, Mississippi, page 295

Burial: September 1898, Yazoo County, Mississippi

xii. JESSE HORTON PEPPER, b. March 24, 1842, Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. April 07, 1913, Yazoo County, Mississippi; m. ELIZABETH PENNY, November 10, 1862, Yazoo County, Mississippi; b. January 02, 1846; d. December 30, 1943, Yazoo County, Mississippi.

Burial: April 1913, Yazoo County, Mississippi

Burial: December 1943, Yazoo County, Mississippi
3.  SUSAN5 BULL (JAMES HOGAN4, AMBROSE3, ROBERT2, THOMAS SR.1) was born December 07, 1803 in Craven County, North Carolina, and died May 25, 1853 in Benton, Yazoo, Mississippi.  She married JOHN MIDDLETON HENDRICKS July 16, 1823 in Lawrence County, Mississippi.  He was born 1797, and died 1855.

More About SUSAN BULL:
Burial: May 1853

Children of SUSAN BULL and JOHN HENDRICKS are:
i. MARTHA ANN6 HENDRICKS, b. November 11, 1824, Holmes County, Mississippi; d. January 28, 1907, Yazoo County, Mississippi; m. RICHARD LEDBETTER; b. May 01, 1810, Campbell County, Virginia (near Campbell County court house); d. August 28, 1877, Yazoo County, Mississippi.

Burial: January 1907, Bull Cemetery, Vaughn, Yazoo County, Mississippi

Burial: August 1877, Bull Cemetery, Vaughn, Yazoo County, Mississippi

ii. MARY JANE HENDRICKS, b. 1826; d. 1851; m. COLONEL WM. BATTAILE; b. Virginia (near Richmond).
iii. CHARLES PLUM HENDRICKS, b. August 02, 1828, Yazoo County, Mississippi; m. MAGGIE NEWMAN DAVIS; b. Lynchburg, Virginia.

Property: Unmarried

iv. EMALINE ROBINSON HENDRICKS, b. October 25, 1830, Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. May 13, 1896, Yazoo County, Mississippi; m. ADA DR. VINCENT HILLARY FUGATE; b. June 02, 1815, Cape Giradeau, Missouri; d. November 05, 1876.

Burial: May 1896, Bull Cemetery, Hwy 16, Benton, Yazoo Co, MS

Burial: 1876, Bull Cemetery, Hwy 16, Benton, Yazoo Co, MS

v. JOHN MIDDLETON JR. HENDRICKS, b. 1835; d. 1846.
vi. SARAH VIRGINIA HENDRICKS1, b. October 21, 1838, Benton, Yazoo County, MS; d. December 28, 1869, Silver Creek, Lawrence County, Mississippi; m. GERMAN NICHOLAS JORDAN1, July 02, 1856, Yazoo County, Mississippi; b. August 20, 1828, Campbell Co, VA; d. October 24, 1888, Baltimore, MD.


after death of Sarah Virginia Hendricks “Mother” (of the author) MVS Skakel i guess… “Mother” was sent to Virginia to be with her father’s people, Aunt Sue, and Uncle Charlie stayed in Mississippi with their mother’s people…where i guess she went and met James Curtis Skakel somehow along the way…

Burial: December 1869, Bull Cemetery, Benton, Yazoo Co, MS
Education: Mrs. Willards’ Female Institute in Troy, NY
Note: 1) Clipping from Mississippi Democrat: “Death of Mrs. Sallie V. Jordan – We record with unalloyed regret the decease of Mrs. Jordan, wife of German N. Jordan of Silver Creek. She had just returned from a trip to Vicksburg and the inclemency of the weather
Property: MVS informed family “that Sarah was an heiress.”
Residence: Bet. 1858 – 1869, Silver Creek, Lawrence County, Mississippi

Source email:
From: <>
To: <>
Subject: Jordan genealogy of Yazoo Co MS
Date: Sunday, December 14, 2003 11:37 PM

I saw on genforum where you were looking into the Jordans of Yazoo Co MS.
This was 2000, and you may have your answers by now.

Were you aware that in 1862 Gerrian N. Jordan shot his overseer, Albert G. Bennett?  This may or may not  have contributed to the need of Gerrian to leave the area.  Bennet died, but I do not have access to anything like newspapers or criminal records to see if there were repercussions from this.

Also, there was the Civil War in this time period.  If Gerrian went north, the split may have been over differences in the war.  It divided a lot of families.

I am looking for the identity of the Susan Jordan who married Allen King 7 Mar 1857 in Yazoo.  I noticed your Gerrian had a daughter named Susan, and so perhaps my Susan is a sister to your Gerrain????  There was a Rhoda Jordan getting married there to Benjamin E. Plunkett in 1857.  Susan JORDAN King named her first daughter Rhoda Catharine, and William Cox was the bondsman for both the marriage of Rhoda and Susan.  I haven’t found Susan on an 1850 census with her family.  Any help or advice you could give in that direction would be greatly appreciated.  A James B. Jordan m Permelia E. Wallace in 1855.  They seem to be the only Jordans in the early records in Yazoo.

Thanks for any help you can give,

German Jordan,  i guess  my Great Great Grandfather on my Skakel side, went to Mississippi to operate a large plantation, probably grew cotton, and returned to Jordan Springs just before outbreak of Civil war. There is one mention of Jordan Springs as being at site of Greenbrier, but another, probably more accurate putting it nearby Winchester…
“Aunt mary once told me that he had the most beautiful hands for a man that she had ever seen.” –Harry Baker Jordan…

Harry Baker Jordan’s father told him that our common ancestor was burried in the old churchyard at Jamestown Island, Virginia…Harry thought he remembered seeing the grave there, but it cannot be seen now, though there are a number of graves where the markings have worn off with time…

Harry says that this man, Samuel Jordan came to the island about 1620, and later moved to a nearby plantation, and that it is possible that we connect to him by one of three sons that arrived shorty after his arrival…

He apparently lived in Silver Creek,  which is in Lawrence County, Mississippi…his wife died after a trip to Vicksburg and bad weather and a bout of pneumonia.

He, and apparently his siblings recieved slaves for inheritance,  he never did any work, and was “very proud of his hands.”

Mary Roach “beautiful Mary Roach,” his first wife, was an heiress.  the old Plantation in Mississippi,Tallulah plantation, was hers.  Granfather Jordan inherited it when he died.

Grandmother Sarah Virginia Hendricks Jordan also was an heiress. Her father, a small dapper person was a wealthy man.  all of these people were slave holders.

Grandmother was educated at Mrs. Willards female institute in Troy NY Aunt Sue said the same school was still in existance, but under a different name…Aunt Sue said it advertised in the National Geographic, Grandfather met Grandmother on a Mississippi steamboat when she was returning either to or from school.

Uncle Ed Jordan “i believe” inherited Jordan White Sulphur Springs”

Burial: 1888, Green Mountain Cemetery, Baltimore, MD
Census: July 31, 1860, Pg28: Yazoo County, Mississippi: G.N. Jordan, 32, M; Sarah Jordan, 20, F; Grace Jordan, 2, F; A.G. Bennett, 39, M, Overseer; T.C. Lamkin, 37, M, Overseer; W.F. Roglia, 25, M, Overseer.
Note: According to Margaret Virgnia Skakel, German Nicholas Jordan with the aid of a man and a rowboat escaped with 15 year old Mary Roche (who was in a convent in Washington) and married her.
Occupation: Helped work plantation in Mississippi.
Residence: Bet. 1858 – 1869, Silver Creek, Lawrence County, Mississippi

vii. SUSAN JENNETT HENDRICKS, b. 1840; d. 1842.
4.  AMBROSE CARROLL5 BULL (JAMES HOGAN4, AMBROSE3, ROBERT2, THOMAS SR.1) was born February 09, 1806 in Mississippi, and died April 12, 1890 in Bulls Creek, Mills County, Texas.  He married (1) SARAH KEES MAXWELL March 26, 1829 in Lawrence County, Mississippi, daughter of JESSE MAXWELL and PRISCILLA KEES.  She was born 1809 in Georgia, and died 1851 in Lawrence County, Mississippi.  He married (2) ELIZA JANE SPARKS2,3 August 27, 1851 in Ashley, Arkansas, daughter of SAMUEL SPARKS and SARAH DEAL.  She was born February 14, 18384,5, and died March 12, 1911 in Bulls Creek, Mills County, Texas6,7.

27th Brigade
Captain Leroy Lee
Muster Roll of Captain Leroy Lee’s Company of Militia for the
month of August 27th, 1861. Texas Militia Lampasas County.
Name      Rank
Leroy Lee Capt.
A.P. Lee  1st Lt.
O.B. Edwards   2nd Lt.
G.D. Lane 1st Sgt.
Issac Kolb     2nd Sgt.
Jesse Bull     3rd Sgt.
A.V. Lane 4th Sgt.
A.J. Lane 1st Cpl.
H. Huffstutler 2nd Cpl.
J.N. Stilwell  3rd Cpl.
J.P. Burleson  4th Cpl.
J. Huffstutler      Jacob Eastman
Jno. Maldin         A.G. Lane
Sanford Huffstutler David Evans
Elias Krunur        Thomas Evans
George Myers        James McCrea
James Kolb          S.R. Dawson
R.D. McAnelly       E. Norfleit
Saml. Bright        F.M. Shaw
M.M. Senterfit      William Shaw
J.W. McCormac       Jame Shaw
E.J. Herring        James Shaw, Jr.
R.C. Black          Monroe Norfleit
James Kelley        Jasper Norfleit
W.L. Williams       Robert Jay
Thomas Pratt        Prescott
Monroe Swisher      J.W. Darothy
Richard Wood        James Burleson
Otto       Dan Morely
John Wood      Benj. Morely
Thomas Tate, Sr.    Burnel Nabors
Thomas Tate, Jr.    Wade Box
Yancy Tate          David Hornsby
J.W. Terry          Richard Jenkins
William Gibson      Robert Allen
Amos Ladd      Ambrose Bull
Benj. Eastman

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a ? copy of the muster roll now
on file in Brig. Genl. E.S.C. Robertson’s office of the 27th Brigade,
Texas Militia. Sept. 11th, 1861.
Jno. T. Flint

Adjutant General Military Rolls  357
Archives Division – Texas State Library
Source:  email from Rosemary Bradley Davis to Roger Bull, dated 2004/01/03
– – –

1/3/04 – Oh, Roger – – how I wished for you to be with Pat and myself today!!  You would have enjoyed walking on the grounds of your ancestors, Ambrose Bull, his wife – Eliza and their son.  The Bull Creek property is now owned by a fine old gentleman by the name of Eddie Mazanec, Jr. who is quite well versed on the history of the area.  He gave us a guided tour of the part of his ranch that covers the Mohler Cemetery and Bull Springs and even has the house that was near the Bull Springs, now moved to his home site and is used for a very nice looking barn.
Mr. Mazanec is in the construction business and has his main home in Waco, Texas.  He and his son have brought the cemetery back from a brush and cedar covered mess to a very peaceful resting place for many of your ancestors.  He has it fenced but it is evident that deer and other wildlife are frequent visitors to the cemetery.
Bull Creek is a very beautiful little creek which is fed by many springs and one of those springs was behind the house where Ambrose and his family lived.  There is still the remains of a spring well in the main spring pool.  This is where the Bulls kept their milk, butter and other perishables to keep them cool. ( In other words their refrigerator.)  Beside the spring well there is one of the largest  oak trees that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.
We have taken three 24 count rolls of film and will be sending the pictures to you as soon as they are developed.  We took photos of all the grave stones in this fair sized cemetery and Pat wrote down all the information which I will transcribe and forward to you.  I have Mr. Mazanec’s telephone numbers and address and he would be happy to discuss any of this with you should you wish to contact him.  He is a 5 year survivor of heart transplant and is a joy to talk to.  He said that a person by the name of Jimmy Wigley from Star, Texas came there recently and wanted to visit the cemetery and said that he is a descendent of Ambrose Bull. Star is in Mills County near Hamilton.  Do you have this person in your records?
Mr. Mazanec had a story regarding the death of Benjamin Bull, son of Ambrose and Eliza.  As the story goes, Ambrose was going on a cattle drive and wanted Benjamin to go with him and help.  Eliza told Ambrose that Benjamin was too sick to go on the drive with him but Ambrose insisted.  While they were on the cattle drive Benjamin died at the age of 22.  Mr. Masonic pointed out an obelisk, about 3 or 4 feet tall that is leaning against a cedar tree adjacent to Benjamin’s grave.  After researching it was learned that Ambrose bought the obelisk to add to the top of Benjamin’s grave stone to make it taller than any other in the cemetery however, Ambrose died before he could get the stone placed and bolted on top of the grave stone.  Mr. Mazanec said the it is his intention to bring some equipment to the cemetery and finish the job for Ambrose.
I will be forwarding the names and inscriptions tomorrow.  Should you have questions just yell at me!  RmD
Reply from Roger to Rosemary on same date:
– – –
Oh my goodness, Rosemary!

How  wonderful you and Pat are.  Mr. Mazanec sounds like a nice southern gentleman to whom anyone would have the pleasure to meet.  I cannot express my deepest feelings of joy, gratitude and heartfelt pleasure that all of you make me experience.

I know that many old timers considered their grand children as their children.  Ben E. Bull was the son of Samuel M. Bull and Emily Nell Booth Bull (also, the brother of Charles Edward Bull, Abe Lincoln impersonator).  Sam Bull was a son of Ambrose and Eliza Jane…:

Do you know if Mr. Mazanec has internet and email connections?  I’d love to correspond with him and provide him with additional information for his tours…. Please do send his address.  I’ll snail mail him if I have to.

Looking forward to the pictures that yall have taken of the Bull Springs area and the Mohler Cemetery.  Your depiction of the trip is colorful, educational, enjoyable and well done, Rosemary!

Love you, Cousin!!!
Source: email from Rosemary Bradley Davis to Roger Charles Bull, dated 2004/01/04
– – –
—– Original Message —–
From: Rosemary Davis
To: Roger
Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2004 8:50 PM
Subject: Re: Bull Springs
Woops!  I checked the tombstone inscriptions and it does show “Benjamine – Son of S.M. &E. Bull, Born 3-6-1877; Died 7-19-1899.  He is buried next to Ambrose and Eliza is then on the left of Ambrose.
We got our directions from the Goldthwaite Museum, Mr.Wayne Wilcox.  We just by chance noticed the museum and decided that would be a good place to inquire.  I have never met people who were more willing to help.  Bull Creek is a landmark in the area and Mr Wilcox got on the telephone and within 10 minutes had us on the right road and in touch with Mr. Mazanec.  This is a rather large cemetery to be found on private property.  Other than the Bull home location, I saw no other buildings or ruins of same.  So where did all these folks come from to be buried in this place that appears to be far from any other city or community?
We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the journey and I know that you would simply be elated to walk on your ancestor’s grounds.
I have Mr. Mazanec’s business card and will forward a copy to you in the AM.  He apparently does not have internet service.  He is in the construction business out of Waco. He showed us copies of information that a friend gave him which was taken from the internet and was titled “Joy-Mohler Cemetery”.  It covered all those persons buried there.  I havent tried to bring that site up and you may want to try it @ Joy-Mohler Cemetery
Reply from Roger to Rosemary same date 2004/01/04
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Well, Rosemary, the Joy-Mohler Cemetery website is a special page put together by none other than the wonderful Sharon Ivy (note:  Joy-Mohler Cemetery, the ivyplace is Sharon’s home website.  Sharon is a remarkable lady who has a generosity that seems unfathomably deep.  Genealogy owes her a great debt of gratitude.  I know that I do.  She’s provide our BULL and SPARKS research in the Mills County area with many treasures.

I’m forwarding this information to Sharon and our family researcher list.  I bet Mary Sparks Matthews and B. Abbott Sparks are keeping a keen eye on yours and Pat’s information….  Thanks to you both!

Pat Longest and Rosemary Bradley Davis submitted this transcription of the Joy-Mohler Cemetery, Bull Springs, Goldwaithe, Mills County, Texas on 2004/01/04
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To: “Data” <>
Subject: Joy-Mohler Cemetery
Date: Sunday, January 04, 2004 6:27 PM

Joy-Mohler Cemetery
Joy-Mohler Cemetery is located Southwest from Goldthwaite, Texas. Out of Goldthwaite, take Hwy 16 toward San Saba for approximately four miles.  At County Road 3023, also known as Bull Creek Road, turn left and go approximately five miles, to the ranch of Mr. Eddie
Mazanec, Jr., which is a blonde brick home on the right side of the road.  Mr. Mazanec informed us that in the event of his absence, persons interested in seeing the cemetery should contact his next door neighbor, Mr.E.M. House or his wife Linda who maintain a key to the Mazanec property.

The following is the listings taken from tombstones in this cemetery as found on January 3, 2004 by Pat Longest.
Mrs. L.E. Holden, Died July 6, 1886, 41 years, wife of Dr. L.E.Holden (This is a stone crypt, made of native stones stacked one upon the other.  Appears to have been repaired with mortar at one time but is breaking apart again.

Leroy Beck, Born July 20, 1850 and died August l, 1881

Annie Tiehle, Born 1872 and died 1954.

Mary M. Mohler, Died 3-18-1889, 42 years

J.(?) Mohler, Born 12-9-1889 and died 7-5-1894

William Henry Ogelsby, Born 1-14-1856 and died 8-11-1933

Valley Virginia Ogelsby, Born 7-13-1867 and died 1-31-1911

William J. Rorie, Born 1849 and died 1876

Infant Son of W.H. Caruthers, 1905

Infant Daughter of W. H. Caruthers 1902

EVANS (Headstone)
Robert D, Born 1861 and died 1935
Maggie, Born 1862 and died 1951

Bri(?)nal(?), (Believed to be Britnall) Born 1850 and died 1875  (This is a crypt, constructed of red brick with the inscription on the concrete top.  Time and erosion has all but removed the inscription)

Bri(?)nal(?), Died 1874 (Same construction as the one above with same deterioration)

George W. Joy, 92 years

S.H. Epley, Born 1839 and died 1874

James E. Bull, Born May 6, 1870 and died September 9, 1873

Infant of R.C. and M.E. Bull, Born 9-23-1869

Eliza Epley, Born 1820 and died 187(5?)

Alex Miller, Born 1866 and died 1945.  (This marker is with or near the five Shaw graves.)

Van J. Wiley, Born 1-13-1868 and died 11-20-1883  (There is an ornate metal fence surrounding this grave.)

O.S. Kelly, Born 1842 and died 1910

Homer Beck, Born 1885 and died 1887 “Son”
Infant Beck, Born 1902
Fannie Beck, Born 1867 and died 1914
Joe Beck, Born 1857 and died 1940
Eva Beck Smith, Born 1895 and died 1918

Laurence E. Kelly, Born 1882 and died 1883.  Son of D.S. and H.T. Kelly

Eliza Bull, Born 2-14-1883 and died 3-12-1911.  Wife of Ambrose Bull.
Ambrose Bull, Born 2-9-1806 and died 4-12-1890
Benjamin E. Bull, Born 3-6-1877 and died 7-19-1899.  Son of S.M.and E. Bull
Myrtle S. Bull Day, Born 1891 and died 1910

John Franklin Bull, Born 1900.  Son of John Franklin Bull and Adlain (Bagley) Bull and grandson of Ambrose Bull

(No sir name, grave located near Bull graves.)  Twins, Born August 12, 1890

T. Monroe, (no dates)
There are numerous graves in this cemetery that are marked only with stones and no other identification.  We possibly overlooked some of the graves as there is an overgrowth of grass.  We ask that any errors on our part be forgiven.  Rosemary Davis and Pat Longest

Burial: April 1890, Mohler Cemetery, Goldwaithe, Mills County, Texas
Census: October 22, 1850, W.McDucken, Asst. Marshal, took the census in White Township, Ashley County, Arkansas.
Military service: September 11, 1861, Served as Private in 27th Brigade of Texas Militia, Captain Leroy Lee’s Company of Militia
Occupation: Mohler Cemetery, Goldwaite, Texas was once the property of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Rudd.  Mrs. Rudd is a sister-in-law to Mary Sparks Matthew’s father’s 1st cousin.
Residence: Moved to Ashley Co., AR with Robert Bull’s family.

Burial: 1851, Lawrence County, Mississippi

Burial: March 1911, Joy-Mohler Cemetery, Goldwaithe, Mills County, Texas8,9

i. MARY A. M.6 BULL, b. 1831, Lawrence County,  Mississippi; d. 1910, Coryell, Texas; m. REUBEN DENSON, 1848, Fountain Hill, Ashley, Arkansas; b. 1825.
ii. JAMES CONWEY BULL, b. August 1833, Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. 1911, Coryell, Texas; m. ISABELLA A. HAWKINS, January 27, 1853, Ashley County, Arkansas, original year provided showed 1883 — possibly typo on year?; b. May 09, 1838, Georgia; d. October 17, 1919, Ireland, Coryell County, Texas.

Burial: 1911, Murphree Cemetery in Evant, Hamilton Co, TX
Census: 1860, Ashley County, Arkansas (Certified NRM in Oct 1997 for Naola Masters).
Military service: 1862, C.S.A. Company L Calvalry – C. Woolf’s Company, James Monroe’s Regiment until close of war.
Pension: 1911, Pension No. 28041 of Mrs. I. A. Bull, enlisted 1862 Ashley Co, AR to close of war. Served in Company L Calvalry – C.  Woolf’s Company, James Monroe’s Regiment. Died 3/23/1910 in Coryell Co, Texas.
Property: March 14, 2000, Mary S. Matthews contributed that James Bull was born 1843 and died 1910.

Source: posted message on RootsWeb Message Board, dated 20 May 2002 from Joshua Tippit
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… I am looking for Parents of Isabella A. Hawkins or Isabelle B:9 May 1838. She married James Conwey Bull B: Aug 1833 in Ashley County, arkansas on 27 Jan 1853 some of my research says 1883 but I believe in was 1853 because of birth dates of her children. But I could be wrong. Would marriage records have her parents names I think her father’s name was Joshua Hawkins. Also would there be anyway do find out if Isabella Hawkins was of Indian decent.

Burial: 1919, Murphree Cemetery in Evant, Hamilton Co, TX
Pension: 1910, Pension No. 28041 of Hamilton Co, TX; born in GA; age 76 on 5/9/1914; married 1/27/1883 in Ashley Co, AR; Resided in TX 52 years – P.O. at Ireland, TX, 2 years. Died 10/17/1919 in Ireland, Coryell Co, TX.

iii. WILLIAM BULL, b. 1838, Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. 1856, Ashley, Arkansas.

Property: Martin Van Buren Sparks wrote his sister Elizabeth Denson that he had sat up all night with Billy Bull the night before he died.

iv. SUSAN LEONORA BULL10,11, b. December 26, 1842, Yazoo County, Mississippi12,13; d. March 22, 1870, Lampasas, Texas, died of typhoid fever, according to Mary S. Mathews.14,15; m. MARTIN VAN BUREN SPARKS16,17, September 26, 1861, Lampasas County, Texas18,19; b. March 04, 1837, Winston County, Mississippi20,21; d. December 12, 1914, Lampasas, Texas22,23.

Burial: 1870, Sparks Cemetery in Lampasas, Texas24,25

Appointed: 1899, Notary Public by GovernorSayers.26,27
Burial: 1914, Oak Hill Cemetery, Lampasas, Texas28,29
Elected: December 02, 1873, Justice of the Peace of Precints Number 1 and 2 of Lampasas County, Texas.30,31
Military service: March 1862, 1) Enlisted in the Confederate States Army as a private in Company D, 17th Texas Infantry.  He was mustered in April 22, 1862 at Camp Terry.  He was promoted to Sergeant Major 15 June 1862.  This regiment served East Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.32,33
Occupation: March 24, 1856, Became a teacher of the Fountain Hill Academy.  He taught in a one room schoolhouse.  His salary was $1.50 per student per month.  He wrote to his sister, Elizabeth Denson, that he did not want to teach; but, the community was without a teacher.34,35
Property: In a letter to his sister, Elizabeth Denson, he admitted that one of his female students took his class to gain his affections.  He also mentioned in that letter that his cousin Alexander Deal was wedding Margaret West and that Billy Bull had died.36,37
Religion: Baptist.  Member of First Baptist Church were he served as church clerk and deacon.38,39
Residence: The Bulls lived near the Sparks in Ashley County, Arkansas.40,41

v. SARAH J. BULL, b. September 23, 1847, Near Monticello, MS or Ashley, Arkansas/Ashley Co., AR; m. J.W. HICKCOX.
vi. ROBERT CAMPBELL BULL, b. September 23, 1847, Near Monticello, Mississippi or 09/25/1847 in Ashley Co, AR; d. December 07, 1913, Keller or Carter, OK; m. MAHALA ELIZABETH EPLEY, August 01, 1866, Lampasas County, Texas; b. May 24, 1850, Missouri; d. July 14, 1938, Saint Jo, Montague County, Texas.

From Barbara Lee Jernigan Fowler as per stories provided by ex-husband, Wayne Stanford, mother from the Samuel Floyd Bull family reunions in Texas.
Robert pre-empted land on Prescott Creek where they settled in the lower valley of the Colorado River in TX.  A log cabin was built to live in. The logs could not be fitted together so the chinks were filled with a mortar made of clay or mud. When summer came, the mortar was removed to allow the air to enter. A window was made by sawing a square hole in the logs. In the winter or rainy weather the openning was boarded up with animal skins. There was a large fireplace in one end of the cabin which was used for heating and cooking.

Many of their children were born in this cabin. Later a house was built of lumber which was still standing in 1963.

HUSBAND’S NOTES:  Robert Campbell BULL
Robert also raised cattle but did little farming except grain for bread. The coutry was open range and the cattle had to be rounded up for branding. He was away much of the time on roundups or with the Texas Rangers. (Annie Bull Miller)

At a young age, Robert enlisted in the Confederate Army. However, the Civil War came to an end before he was sent to active service.

Robert and his twin, Sarah, were about 4 years old at the time of their mother’s death so Robert was brought up by his stepmother. He had four brothers and four sisters and two half brothers. His father acquired a large plantation in Arkansas and owned many Negro slaves. Young Robert enjoyed their singing so much that he would slip away from the house and go to the fields just to listen to them. As a small boy, he like to play with the little Negro children. He and his brothers were permitted to roam about and play with them all week until on Sunday morning when his stepmother would round up all the little “white Negroes” for a good scrubbing. He grew fond of the little Colored children and, in later years, told many stories of “me and the other little Negroes.”

In about 1859, the family moved to Texas pulled by teams of oxen. The family settled in  an unorganized territory which later became know as Mills County.  This vicinity was still being visited by Indian raiding parties.  Until 1850 this territoryhad been the happy hunting grounds of the Commanche and Apache Indians.

The cabin built by Robert’s father was located on a large creek near some springs of water. It was sparcely settled and it is believed that there were no schools in the area. Robert’s stepmother, Eliza Jane, was a school teacher. She probably taught the children reading, writing and little arithmetic.

WIFE’S NOTES:  Mahala Elizabeth EPLEY
Author of Mahala’s notes was an unknown grandchild of Mahala.

Mahala Elizabeth Epley was born May 24, 1850 in Missouri. She was the daughter of George and Eliza Epley. Eliza was born Sept 13, 1820 and died Sept 9, 1875.

She was buried in Mills County. Dates of the birth and death of George (Epley) have not been established. He remarried after Eliza’s death and moved from Mills County. He died and was buried elsewhere.  At one time George owned some land east of what is now the town of Goldthwaite.  The land was in the area of a low mountain range. Legend has it that once Mexican treasure was buried somewhere in the vicinity where he lived. This treasure is said to have been gold bullion, and many men have hunted for it through the years.

George and Eliza Epley’s children were: Mahala Elizabeth who married Robert C. Bull, Mary who married either Dave or Bob Joy, Nancy who married the other Joy, Sarah who married John Keith, Jennie who married John Handcock, Martha who married Jack Fisher, Daniel  who married ? Nyles, and Sam whose wife was Mary Niles or Nyles.

Sam (Epley) was born June 19, 1838, died May 25, 1874 and is buried in Mohler cemetery near where his mother was buried a short time later.  He was killed in an accident while rounding up stray cattle.

Jennie died young and left two little boys.

Sarah’s family lived in Raton, NM.  She died long before Grandmother Mahala Elizabeth died.

The Joys lived in NM or Colorado, Aunt Annie believes. She remembers when she was a little girl, her mother, Mahala Elizabeth,  received a letter from  Aunt Mary (Epley) telling of her youngest son dying. She doesn’t remember if he was killed in a coal mine or if they were just living in a mining town at the time.

The following accounts and stories of the Epley family were given to me (Mrs. Stanford) by Aunt Annie: (I think this is Annie Bull Pollock. BJF 1999)

“I never saw any of Mother’s sisters except Aunt Martha nor know any of their families. I know she wasn’t very fond of Aunt Nancy. She said Nancy was always planning some mishcief and getting her and Martha into trouble then lying herself out of it. She said Grandpa (Epley) would say Nancy was the most obedient child he had. Mother said she was the biggest liar he had.”

” Mother loved Uncle Sam (Epley) but didn’t think so much of Uncle Daniel. My brother, Floyd (S.F. Bull), was always so full of mischief, Dad used to say that he was just like Daniel-buthe wasn’t. Uncle Daniel drank a lot. He came by our house once from Goldthwaite where he had been to a saloon, I suppose. He was so drunk he could  scarcely walk. Mother made a pallet for him on the north end of the porch at our old home place. After a while he got sick and vomitted all over everything near. Mother went out and said, ‘Dan’l, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?’ He said, ‘No, Lizzie, I’m not ashamed of anything I do.’ This made Mother furious.

“Grandfather Epley died after moving from Mills County. the Old Lady (as Mother always called her stepmother) shipped his trunk back to Uncle Daniel after he moved to Oklahoma so Dad paid the shipping charge on it which was four dollars. It contained Grandfather’s old hat. Still, Mother brought the trunk to  Montague County when we moved there.

“My Grandma, Mahala Elizabeth Epley Bull, was a small woman; short, stocky built, a woman with much pride and a car for personal appearance. As she grew older, she disliked her graying hair, and many times I have watched her apply hair coloring even at the age of seventy five or more. This was a number of years ago when effective hair coloring was hard to procure. So Grandma ordered from magazine advertisements and such, but, nevertheless, the gray hairs were kept fairly well hidden.

“Grandma loved bright gay colors and wore them though older people wore more subdued colors at that time. She always wore rouge and face powder, but how we all adored her!

“She came to stay with us,  as far back as I can remember, for periods of several months at a time. Along with her came a huge trunk and a fat feather bed. Her trunk always held a fascination for me. I always enjoyed the times when she would put her things in order as I would be permitted to seed to the bottom of it. When I was a young girl, Grandma’s soft feather bed afforded a nice cozy place for me to snuggle down in on a cold winter night.

” No child could have had a more enjoyable companion than Grandma Bull was to me. She and I used to take long strolls in the woods. When we wre tired from walking, we would sit down to  rest under a shade tree or near the little creek which wound its way through our pasture. Here she told many stories to me about the family.”

Robert and Mahala had 15 children. Five died as babies.  The second child, Jimmie, died at the age of three.  A stranger came to their house one day who was ill with a contagious disease. Two of the children, Jimmie and Alice, contracted the disease. Jimmie died but Alice recovered.

1) Daniel BULL

2) James Edward “Jimmie” BULL

3) Sarah Alice BULL
At the time of my mother’s birth, Mills County had not yet been organized; and the town of Goldthwaite,  which became the county seat, had not yet been established.

4) Mary Isabell BULL

5) Martha “Mattie” BULL

6) Walter Van BULL
Attended the reunion in 1953.

7) Samuel Floyd BULL
The cemetery index gives his death year as 1974. Social Security gives the year as 1970 which would  have made him 90. I think that the 1974 may be the correct date because I recall that he was about 94 when he died and left 103 direct line descendents. (Barbara Fowler)

8) Nolia BULL
They lived on a rented farm until 1910 when they moved to Carter, OK. All the children were grown and married except Nolia and Ella. (Author unknown but a grandchild)

9) Annie Ethel BULL

10) Magnolia BULL

11) Samuel  Alexander BULL

12) Cora Ella BULL

13) John David BULL
One of three triplets (John David, Joe Bryan and Jesse Culberson BULL) that died within several months of their births…. “The babies died a few months after birth since she (Elizabeth) was ill for some time and unable to care for them. (Author unknown)

14) Joe Bryan BULL

15) Jesse Culberson BULL

1. Memries written in 1963.
2. Stories of Early Days in Mills County told by mother, Mrs. Alice Bull Long by Bowie Long Whitten about 1961 – A typed paper given to Wayne Stanford by his mother, Gladys Bull, daughter of Robert Campbell Bull.
3. Ibid. daughter of Robert Campbell Bull.
4. Ibid. daughter of Robert Campbell Bull.
5. Ibid. daughter of Robert Campbell Bull.
6. Came from a collection of Family papers in the possession of Gladys Bull. She gave these to her son, Wayne Stanford, just before she died in 1994. Annie Bull Miller was the child of Samuel Middleton Bull.
7. WFT vol 4 a descendent of Ambrose Bull.
8. Stories of Early Days in Mills County told by mother, Mrs. Alice Bull Long by Bowie Long Whitten about 1961 – A typed paper given to Wayne Stanford by his mother, Gladys Bull, daughter of Robert Campbell Bull.
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13. The Goldthwaite Eagle June 20, 1952. The children of the Bob Bulls who were present for the last weekend reunion were:  Mrs. J. W.  Long, Walter Bull, Floyd Bull, Mrs. D. F. Pollock, Mrs. C. E. (Ella) Stanley. Those unable to attend were Mrs. Mattie Posey, widow of the late W. M. Posey, and Mrs. C.  C. Hedrick.
14. Social Security Index. ss# 464-14-2030.
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19. The Goldthwaite Eagle June 20, 1952.
Re: Daniel Epley,TN, MO
Posted by: Cinda Flanary Date: April 13, 2000 at 21:30:43
In Reply to: Re: Daniel Epley,TN, MO by Sammie Gail Rowell  of 365

I have some information on your Mahala Epley and Robert Campbell Bull.

1. Infant Son Bull-b. Sept.23, 1868-
d. Sept. 23, 1868, buried Mills Co., TX
2. James E Bull-b. May 8, 1870-d. Sept. 9, 1873, buried Mills Co., TX
3. Sarah Alice Bull-b.Oct. 27, 1872- (1)married Jess Johnson abt 1887 (2) married Johnny Wlliams Long August 28, 1889
4. Mary Isabell (Bell) Bull-b. Dec. 23, 1874
d. March 1875
5. Martha (Mattie) Bull-b. Dec. 25, 1876
married W. Miles Posey Sept. 23, 1893
6. Walter Bull-b. Aug. 30, 1878-married Rosa Etta Jones Oct. 24, 1898
7. Floyd Bull-b. Feb. 19, 1880-(1)married Nettie Jones, (2)married Evy J. Sterling Bull McBride (She was the widow of Sam Bull, brother to Floyd) Aug. 19, 1953 (Floyd was about 73)
8. Baby Girl Bull-b. Sept 3, 1883
d. Sept. 1883
9. Annie Ethel Bull-b. Sept 17, 1884-married Dow Franklin Pollock May 13, 1906
10. Magnolia (Nolie) Bull-b.June 13, 1887-married Clarence Charles Hedrick June 2, 1912
11. Samuel Alexander Bull-b. Dec. 19, 1890
d. Sept. 21, 1914 married Evy J. Sterling April 5, 1908
12. Cora Ellen (Ella) Bull-b. Oct. 16, 1894
married Pat Ross Veal Oct. 23, 1913
13, 14, & 15 were triplets-
John David Bull-b. Feb. 3, 1897-d. Feb. 3, 1897——Joe Bryan Bull-b. Feb. 3, 1897-
d. June 21, 1897—–Jesse Culberson Bull
b. Feb. 3, 1897-d. July 21, 1897 (Mahala was 47 years old when these triplets were born) They are buried in Fairview Cemetery near Saint Jo, Texas, Montague County.
Source email from Danny Shadrick,  9/18/2002:
1910 United States Census for William Miles Posey, Justice Precinct #2, Montague County, Texas; p. 57A, family 2, dwelling 2, lines 3-12; 15 April 1910; NARA T-624, Roll 1579.

NARA T-624, Roll 1579, 1910 U.S. Census, Montague Co., TX, Justice Precinct 2, p. , #2/2: William M. Posey, 39, m, Texas; Mattie, 35, f, TX; Elmer, 15, m, TX; William, 13, m, TX; Olen, 12, m, TX; Oddie, 10, f, TX; Jessie, 7, m, TX; Horace, 4, m, TX; R.C. Bull, father-in-law, 63, m, AR; M.E. Bull, mother-in-law, 59, f, MO.

Burial: 1913, Rough Creek Cemetery, Novice, Coleman Co, TX
Military service: CSA
Pension: 1913, Pension No. ?, ref Mahala E Bull Pension No. 43100, enlisted in 1864 Lampasas Co, TX, married 1866 in Lampasas Co, TX (now Mills Co, TX); died 1913 in Carter Co, OK, where they were visiting their children.
Residence: Abt. 1859, “Big Valley,” Montague County, Texas

Burial: 1938
Pension: 1913, Pension No. 43100; for husband Robert Campbell Bull’s service in Civil War, born 1851 in MO; married in Lampasas Co, TX (now Mills Co, TX, created in 1887); died 1938 in Montague Co, TX.

vii. LOVEY CAMPBELL BULL, b. 1850, Ashley, Arkansas; d. Aft. 1880, Texas; m. JOHN FOX BOOTH; b. 1854, Oregon; d. Aft. 1880, Texas.

Burial: Aft. 1880, Texas

Burial: Aft. 1880, Texas

viii. JESSE MAXWELL BULL, b. June 27, 1835, Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. 1874; m. (1) MARY MILLER; m. (2) MARY ANN MILLER, December 29, 1874; b. January 02, 1852.

27th Brigade
Captain Leroy Lee
Muster Roll of Captain Leroy Lee’s Company of Militia for the
month of August 27th, 1861. Texas Militia Lampasas County.
Name      Rank
Leroy Lee Capt.
A.P. Lee  1st Lt.
O.B. Edwards   2nd Lt.
G.D. Lane 1st Sgt.
Issac Kolb     2nd Sgt.
Jesse Bull     3rd Sgt.
A.V. Lane 4th Sgt.
A.J. Lane 1st Cpl.
H. Huffstutler 2nd Cpl.
J.N. Stilwell  3rd Cpl.
J.P. Burleson  4th Cpl.
J. Huffstutler      Jacob Eastman
Jno. Maldin         A.G. Lane
Sanford Huffstutler David Evans
Elias Krunur        Thomas Evans
George Myers        James McCrea
James Kolb          S.R. Dawson
R.D. McAnelly       E. Norfleit
Saml. Bright        F.M. Shaw
M.M. Senterfit      William Shaw
J.W. McCormac       Jame Shaw
E.J. Herring        James Shaw, Jr.
R.C. Black          Monroe Norfleit
James Kelley        Jasper Norfleit
W.L. Williams       Robert Jay
Thomas Pratt        Prescott
Monroe Swisher      J.W. Darothy
Richard Wood        James Burleson
Otto       Dan Morely
John Wood      Benj. Morely
Thomas Tate, Sr.    Burnel Nabors
Thomas Tate, Jr.    Wade Box
Yancy Tate          David Hornsby
J.W. Terry          Richard Jenkins
William Gibson      Robert Allen
Amos Ladd      Ambrose Bull
Benj. Eastman

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a ? copy of the muster roll now
on file in Brig. Genl. E.S.C. Robertson’s office of the 27th Brigade,
Texas Militia. Sept. 11th, 1861.
Jno. T. Flint

Adjutant General Military Rolls  357
Archives Division – Texas State Library

Military service: September 11, 1861, 3rd Sergeant in 27th Brigade, Texas Militia, Captain Leroy Lee’s Company of Militia
Pension: 1874, Pension No. 5309; enlisted Civil War service in Lampasas Co, TX in 1862; moved from Mills Co, TX to Montague Co, TX about 1895.

Property: March 14, 2000, Mary S. Matthews contributed that Jesse M. Bull married Mary Ann Miller Epley, Widow of Samuel Henderson Epley.
Children of AMBROSE BULL and ELIZA SPARKS are:
ix. SAMUEL M.6 BULL42,43, b. December 01, 1853, Ashley, Arkansas44,45; d. 1937, Rodeo, New Mexico46,47; m. EMILY NELL BOOTH48,49, February 09, 1876, Lampasas County, Texas; b. Abt. 185950,51.

More About SAMUEL M. BULL:
Burial: 1937, New Mexico52,53

x. JOHN FRANKLIN BULL54,55, b. 1857, Ashley, Arkansas56,57; m. ADLAIN BAGLEY58,59; d. 192860,61.

Burial: Joy-Mohler Cemetery, Bull Springs, Goldwaithe, Mills County, Texas62,63
5.  JAMES CAMPBELL5 BULL (JAMES HOGAN4, AMBROSE3, ROBERT2, THOMAS SR.1) was born January 17, 1811 in Jasper County, Ga, and died December 10, 1892 in Benton, Yazoo County, Mississippi.  He met LYDIA KING January 23, 1833 in Lawrence County, Mississippi, daughter of DAVID KING and MARY CAMPBELL.  She was born September 18, 1811, and died July 25, 1850 in Benton, Yazoo County, Mississippi.

The following is an account of James Campbell Bull by the Yazoo Historical Association, from the “Yazoo County Story.”  Thanks goes to John Ezell of the Yazoo Library Association’s B.S. Ricks Memorial Library for providing this informative data!

“J. C. Bull began cultivating a plantation in Yazoo County in 1833 and was joined by his family the next year.  He was born in Jasper County, Georgia, on Jan. 16, 1811, the son of James H. and Frelove (Campbell) Bull.
“The family had settled in Lawrence County, Miss. in 1817 and it was there the J. C. Bull married Lydia King.  Their children were David King, James Hogan and Mary.
” The mother of these children died in 1850 and Mr. Bull married Mercy Ogden in 1859.  At the time of the Civil War his land holdings totaled 3,000 acres.
“Mr. Bull was a Baptist for 50 years and was highly respected by the community.

“One of the earliest cemeteries in eastern Yazoo County is the Bull Graveyard, located a few miles east of Benton on the Canton road.
“The first marked grave in this enclosure indicates that burials were made there as early as 1832.
“The original six-fott-high enclosure was made from slave-molded bricks.  There was space for 144 graves, most of which werre filled by descendents of James Hogan and Frelove (Campbell) Bull.  Names include Bull, Campbell, Ledbetter, Exum and Moore.
“Some graves are of friends rather than relatives.  An unidentified Confederate soldier is buried just outside the enclosure, as are several other unidentified persons.  On the drop of the hill outside the enclosure are the graves of slaves and some of their descendents.
“Heavy rains caused the original bricks to topple in 1955 and they were removed to make way for a cast  iron fence.
“Many of the epitaphs are interesting and there are carvings on several of the stones.  One shows a father bowed in grief at the death of the mother of his children.

“Two brothers, Samuel Zederman Dixon and Elijah Dixon, came to Yazoo County in 1830 from N. Carolina and settled near Vaughan.
“Elijah married Frances Watlington, daughter of Julius A. Watlington and Elizabeth Hall Watlington.  This family moved to Texas where a son, Royal Dixon, naturalist, author and lecturer, was born.
“Samuel married Lovey Pepper, daughter of Zedekiah and Sarah Bull Pepper.  Their children were Elenora, Sarah, Susan, Edward Shipley, Mary Jane, Samuel James, Alice Medora, Emeline F., Ralph, Louella, and William.
“Of the children,  four have descendents living in the Yazoo area. Edward Shipley Dixon married Aurora Stubblefield, daughter of William Henry and Mary S. Stubblefield.  Their children were Nellie, Mary, Ralph and Benjamin.
“Samuel James married Sallie Frances Fisher, daughter of Elias and Suzanna U. Hall Fisher.  Children of Samuel and his wife were Mabel Clare, Susie Ernestine, Garnet W., Robert Emmett, James Melvin, Luella Annie Moore, Thomas Fisher, William Luther and Sallie.
“Luella married Fount Britten Smith.  Children, Luella Kate, Helen Odelle, Zula Mae, Evie Clare, Fount Britten, Susie Vic, Harriett Elizabeth and George Walker Dewey.
“William Pepper Dixon married Lilly Lavinia Tucker,  daugher of Everett Jones and Virginia Atkinson Tucker.  Their children were Samuel William Tucker, Virginia Elizabeth, Sim James, Johnny Lawrence, Lillian Lavinia, Lena Melissa, Ivey, Ida May, Edward Henderson and Thalia.”

Burial: Bull Family Cemetery, Bull Plantation, Benton, Yazoo County, Mississippi
Ordination: August 19, 1848, Ordained Deacon of Bethel Black Jack Baptist Church in Yazoo County, Mississippi.
Property: 1833, James Campbell Bull bought about 2000 acres to start the Bull Plantation.
Religion: May 1848, Appointed Deacon of Bethel Black Jack Baptist Church in Yazoo County, Mississippi.
Residence: 1833, Moved to Yazoo County, MS to start the Bull Plantation about 2 years before the rest of the Bull family moved there.

More About LYDIA KING:
Burial: 1850, Bull Family Cemetery, Bull Plantation, Benton, Yazoo County, Mississippi

Children of JAMES BULL and LYDIA KING are:
i. MARY6 BULL, b. January 25, 1835, Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. April 02, 1863, Yazoo County, Mississippi; m. WILLIAM A. HENDRICKS, 1855, Yazoo County, Mississippi; b. 1827.
ii. DAVID KING BULL, b. October 03, 1837, Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. February 09, 1910, Yazoo County, Mississippi; m. SUSAN ELLISON, Yazoo County, Mississippi; b. January 09, 1839; d. September 16, 1922.

Burial: 1910, Bull Family Cemetery, Bull Plantation, Benton, Yazoo County, Mississippi

From: “Dudley Rinicker” <>
To: <>
Subject: Susan Ellison who married David King Bull
Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2002 5:09 PM

I think I saw somewhere in the Bull data that you had not located the
parents of Susan Ellison, who married David King Bull.  I believe that
the information below includes her and her parents:
Page 510, 1850 Yazoo County, MS census:
Thomas P. Ellison    Head of household  Age 40  Born TN  Planter
Mary Ellison   Wife  Age 35  Born AL
Belinda Ellison   Dau  Age 14  Born MS
Susan Ellison   Dau  Age 11  Born MS
William Ellison  Son  Age 10  Born MS
Thomas Ellison  Son  Age 7  Born MS
Julia A. Ellison  Dau  Age 5  Born MS
Mary Ellison  Dau  Age 2  Born MS
Caroline Ellison  Age 1  Born MS

Since Susan was born in 1839, it appears that this is the right family.

iii. JAMES HOGAN BULL, b. 1841, Yazoo County, Mississippi.

Property: Unmarried
6.  MARY5 BULL (JAMES HOGAN4, AMBROSE3, ROBERT2, THOMAS SR.1) was born April 20, 1813 in Jasper County, Georgia, and died November 16, 1854 in Yazoo County, Mississippi.  She married DANIEL WILLIAM HENDRICKS in Lawrence County, Mississippi, Bk. 2, page 12, son of WILLIAM HENDRICKS and <UNNAMED>.  He was born 1802.

More About MARY BULL:
Burial: 1854, Yazoo County, MS

i. JAMES C.6 HENDRICKS, b. 1830; d. 1842.
ii. DANIEL F. HENDRICKS, b. 1846; d. 1859.
iii. SUSAN O. HENDRICKS, b. 1848; d. 1853.
7.  WILLIAM MAURICE5 BULL (JAMES HOGAN4, AMBROSE3, ROBERT2, THOMAS SR.1) was born June 04, 1816 in Lawrence County, Mississippi, and died October 29, 1843 in Yazoo County, Mississippi (formerly Lawrence County, MS).  He married LOUISA STEVENS, daughter of LEWIS STEVENS and MARY PICKETT.  She was born 1820, and died 1905 in Elliott in Granada County, Mississippi.

Burial: Bull Cemetery, Benton, Mississippi

Census: 1860, Tallahatchie County, MS census showed Louisa Stevens Pickett living in the home of William Randolph Crenshaw at the age of 41. Her children were Sallie 10, William 8, and Louisa 6.

i. MARY JANE6 BULL, b. June 04, 1839, Benton, Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. March 29, 1894; m. WILLIAM RANDOLPH CRENSHAW, September 28, 1857; b. 1838; d. 1889.

Burial: Sherrill Cemetery, Mississippi

Military service: Sgt. CSA

ii. ANN ELIZABETH BULL, b. March 07, 1841, Benton, Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. November 08, 1911, Cascilla, Tallahatchie County, Mississippi; m. (1) RICHARD PICKENS ROSS, December 09, 1857, Yazoo County, Mississippi; b. September 22, 1836, MS; d. February 06, 1865; m. (2) JAMES HENRY MULLEN, June 20, 1867, Tallachie County, Mississippi; b. 1841; d. 1877, Greyport, Mississippi; m. (3) JAMES H. REV. OSWALD, April 25, 1880, Tallachie County, Mississippi.

Descendants of Ann Elizabeth ” Eliza” Bull in Sherrill’s (Lombardi) database.

1 [1] Ann Elizabeth ” Eliza” Bull b: March 7, 1841 in Yazoo Co, MS d: November 8, 1911 in Tallahatchie Co, MS
.. +Richard Pickens Ross b: September 22, 1836 in MS m: December 8, 1857 in Yazoo Co, MS d: February 6, 1865 Father: John P Ross Mother: Elizabeth Unknown Source:: Ref #168, #180, #182 Dr. Halbert M Harris , #184, #186 Marriage source: Automated Archives Yazoo Co MS GRS CD#5
….. 2 Louisa Elizabeth Ross b: November 16, 1860 in Yazoo Co, MS d: January 12, 1927 in Charleston, Tallahatchie Co, MS Source:: #168, #180, #182, #184, #186
……… +Thomas Marion Harris b: October 13, 1849 in TN m: December 23, 1879 in Charleston, Tallahatchie Co, MS d: June 2, 1915 in Tallahatchie Co, MS Source:: #168, #180, #182, #184, #186 Marriage source: Automated Archives Tallahatchie Co MS GRS CD#5
…………. 3 Halbert Marion Harris b: July 18, 1900 in Tallahatchie Co, MS Source:: Dr Halbert M Harris letter ref #593
…………….. +Katherine Rentrop Day b: March 11, 1906 in Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, LA m: August 6, 1927
….. 2 Mary Lodie Ross b: February 15, 1863 in Ms d: May 11, 1933 Source:: Ref #593 Dr Halbert M Harris
……… +W N Pressgrove m: June 25, 1879 in Tallahatchi Co, MS Source:: Ref #593 Dr Halbert M Harris Marriage source: Automated ArchivesTallahatchie Co MS GRS CD#5
*2nd Husband of [1] Ann Elizabeth ” Eliza” Bull:
.. +James H Mullen m: January 20, 1867 in Tallahatchie Co, MS Source:: Mullen family from Roger Bull Marriage source: Automated Archives CD#5 Tallahatchie Co, MS
….. 2 Annie Mullen
….. 2 Lucy Mullen
….. 2 James Henry Mullen
….. 2 William Bull Mullen
….. 2 Ernest Mullen d: in Infancy Burial: Ashland Cemetery, Paymes, Tallahachie Co, MS
*3rd Husband of [1] Ann Elizabeth ” Eliza” Bull:
.. +J H Oswald, Rev. m: April 25, 1880 in Tallahatchie Co, MS Marriage source: Automated Archives CD#5 Tallahatchie Co, MS

Burial: November 1911, Mullen family plot at Ashland Cemetery in Cascilla, Tallahatchie County, Mississippi

Source:  email from George Whitworth, great-great grandson of Annie Elizabeth Bull, to Roger Bull, dated 10/08/2003

>From: “George Whitworth”
>To: Roger Bull
>Subject: Ambrose Bull
>Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 23:29:07 -0500

>Hi. My great-great grandmother was Anna Elisha Bull. She first married a confederate soldier named Ross and he was killed in the CW. They had two girls, Annie and May. She then married James H. Mullen and had two more girls and my great-great uncle, James Hogan Mullen and William Bull Mullen, my grandfather. After the civil war, James H. Mullen and Anna Elisha Ross Mullen lived in Cascalla, MS in Tallahatchie County. He was from Carrol County. My great aunts were all in the DAR based on Ambrose Bull. Can you tell me more about him? Are there any paintings of him or museums? I would like to know more. Sincerely, George Whitworth

Military service: Mr. Ross went to war and never came back.

Burial: 1877, Mullen family plot at Ashland Cemetery in Cascilla, Tallahatchie County, Mississippi

iii. JAMES HOGAN BULL, b. November 13, 1843, Benton, Yazoo County, Mississippi; d. December 09, 1926; m. MARY H. EVANS, January 26, 1875.



1 thought on “Descendants of James Hogan Bull”

  1. I am most impressed by this information. I descend from Ambrose Bull 1755 – 1789. through Robert J. Bull 1788 – 1861. He is brother to James Hogan Bull 1780 – 1840. His daughter, Harriett Emeline Bull 1825 – 1862 married James Christopher Meek 1818 – 1888 in 1845 at the China Grove Plantation. They had a daughter, Henrietta Elizabeth Meek.,1862 – 1893 of Deasonville, Yazoo Co. MS. She married Albert Thomas Andrews of Kentucky. They are my great grandparents. Sadly, they disappear from the records in 1893, Leaving my grandmother and her sister, orphans. My gr mother Ione, Married my grandfather, Homer Lee Baughman in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1914. I am excited to “flesh out” this line of my family tree.

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