E-F Surnames: 12th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry

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Last, FirstCompanyRank_InRank_Out
Eagan, JamesGPrivatePrivate
Eagen, J.GPrivatePrivate
Easely, H. H.GPrivatePrivate
Easley, H. H.GPrivatePrivate
Eavens, HenryEFirst LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Edwards, James T.FPrivatePrivate
Edwards, John C.FPrivatePrivate
Edwards, John W.EPrivatePrivate
Edwards, Thomas J.FPrivate
Elder, William D.APrivatePrivate
Eliott, G. W.GPrivatePrivate
Elliott, G. W. T.GPrivatePrivate
Elliott, P.PrivatePrivate
Elliott, RobertFPrivatePrivate
Ellis, G. W.DPrivatePrivate
Ellis, George W.DPrivateSergeant
Ellis, John J.DPrivatePrivate
Ellis, Samuel W.IPrivatePrivate
Ellis, T. W.KPrivatePrivate
Ellis, Thomas B.DPrivatePrivate
Elmore, John W.IPrivatePrivate
Embrey, C. L.HPrivatePrivate
Endsley, E.FPrivatePrivate
Engelhorn, JulesDPrivatePrivate
England, Aquilla M.APrivatePrivate
England, Hampton B.APrivatePrivate
England, Hampton D.APrivatePrivate
Englehorn, J. J.DPrivatePrivate
Englehorn, JuliusDPrivatePrivate
English, James D.KPrivatePrivate
English, James P.KPrivatePrivate
English, Sam C.FPrivatePrivate
Ensley, EzekielFPrivatePrivate
Epperson, Alexander S.ACorporalHospital Steward
Epperson, Robert H.APrivateSergeant
Ernwine, GeorgeEPrivatePrivate
Ervans, E. J.EPrivatePrivate
Erwin, Cyrus C.HPrivatePrivate
Erwin, DavidHPrivatePrivate
Erwin, HezekiahHPrivatePrivate
Erwin, Jasper N.HPrivatePrivate
Erwin, S. S.BPrivatePrivate
Essary, James F.FPrivatePrivate
Essery, J. F.FPrivatePrivate
Evans, Charles E.GPrivatePrivate
Evans, E. J.EPrivatePrivate
Evans, H. D.EFirst LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Evans, HenryEFirst LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Evans, Robert C.DPrivatePrivate
Evans, William S.HPrivatePrivate
Evins, R. C.DPrivatePrivate
Ewing, Benjamin B.BSergeantFirst Lieutenant
Ewing, Bynam B.BSergeantFirst Lieutenant
Ewing, F. M.PrivateClerk
Fairchilds, Felix W.APrivatePrivate
Fairley, Daniel P.HPrivateSergeant
Fairley, John D.HFirst LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Fairly, Daniel P.HPrivateSergeant
Fairly, J.D.HFirst LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Fairman, L. Q.HPrivatePrivate
Fallon, ThomasGPrivatePrivate
Fanning, JohnGPrivatePrivate
Farmer, DanielDPrivatePrivate
Farmer, S.
Farmer, SamuelDPrivatePrivate
Farnly, P.GPrivatePrivate
Farr, Benjamin R.IPrivatePrivate
Farr, John J.IPrivatePrivate
Farr, P.J.IPrivatePrivate
Farr, RichardKPrivatePrivate
Farr, T.J.PrivatePrivate
Farrell, G.W.EPrivateCaptain
Farrell, M.EPrivatePrivate
Farrell, Thomas W.EPrivateCaptain
Featherly, EdwardA
Felts, William V.APrivatePrivate
Fergerson, PolkCPrivatePrivate
Ferguson, PolkCPrivatePrivate
Ferguson, William U. H,CPrivatePrivate
Fish, H. M.GPrivatePrivate
Fitzgerald, ThomasEPrivatePrivate
Fitzpatrick, DennisEPrivatePrivate
Flanagan, M.EPrivatePrivate
Flanigan, M.EPrivatePrivate
Fleming, D.CPrivatePrivate
Flemming, D.CPrivatePrivate
Fletcher, WilliamDPrivatePrivate
Flournoy, George P.APrivatePrivate
Flynn, AlexanderGPrivatePrivate
Foote, C. H.BPrivatePrivate
Foran, Richard R.KPrivatePrivate
Forbes, William M.CPrivatePrivate
Forbs, WilliamCPrivatePrivate
Forester, M.EPrivatePrivate
Forks, W. N.CPrivatePrivate
Forrester, MichaelEPrivatePrivate
Fortner, Benjamin F.APrivatePrivate
Fortner, H. F.APrivatePrivate
Fortner, Henry T.APrivatePrivate
Foster, J.F.KPrivatePrivate
Foster, M.EPrivatePrivate
Fowlkes, John T.IPrivatePrivate
Fox, C. D.CPrivatePrivate
Fox, C. H.CPrivatePrivate
Fox, Robert J.CFirst LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Foy, James M.KPrivatePrivate
Fraser, R. G.BPrivateFirst Sergeant
Frazer, R. G.BPrivateFirst Sergeant
Frazier, B.BPrivatePrivate
Frazier, R. G.BPrivateFirst Sergeant
Freeman, James H.HPrivatePrivate
Frizell, J. W.IPrivatePrivate
Frizell, James H.IPrivatePrivate
Frizell, Jere V.IPrivatePrivate
Frizell, William A.IPrivatePrivate
Frizell, William H.IPrivateFirst Lieutenant
Fugle, GeorgeDPrivatePrivate
Fuller, Henry K.KPrivateCorporal
Furguson, J. W.CPrivatePrivate
Furguson, PolkCPrivatePrivate
Furguson, W. H,CPrivatePrivate

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