I-J Surnames: 12th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry

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Last, FirstCompanyRank_InRank_Out
Inge, William M.AdjutantAdjutant
Ingraham, M.S.BPrivatePrivate
Ingraham, Robert M.ISergeantFirst Sergeant
Ingram, R.ISergeantFirst Sergeant
Irby, HendersonFPrivatePrivate
Irwin, C.C.HPrivatePrivate
Irwin, S.S.BPrivatePrivate
Jackson, James R.FPrivatePrivate
Jackson, Joseph R.FPrivatePrivate
Jackson, W. H.CPrivatePrivate
Jacobs, W. G.ISergeantSergeant
James, T.J.BPrivatePrivate
Jardell, J.CPrivatePrivate
Jarvis, A.GCorporal First Leutenant
Jarvis, AlfredGCorporal First Lieutenant
Jefferies, W.T.KCorporal Third Lieutenant
Jeffries, William F.KCorporal Third Lieutenant
Jeffries, William T.KCorporal Third Lieutenant
Jelks, W.J.CPrivateCaptain
Jelks, William B.CPrivateCaptain
Jennings, FrancisEPrivatePrivate
Jennings, N.T.APrivateSergeant
Jennings, Richard H.FCorporalCorporal
Jennings, W.I.APrivateSergeant
Jennings, Warren T.APrivateSergeant
Jett, John M.CPrivatePrivate
Johnson, A.J.IPrivatePrivate
Johnson, B.D.APrivatePrivate
Johnson, Benjamin W.BSergeant First Lieutenant
Johnson, Frank G.KPrivatePrivate
Johnson, J.L.BPrivatePrivate
Johnson, J.N.CPrivatePrivate
Johnson, Jackson J.DPrivate Sergeant
Johnson, John U.CPrivatePrivate
Johnson, Joseph B.AFirst Lieutenant Captain
Johnson, Joseph G.DPrivate Sergeant
Johnson, Joseph J.DPrivate Sergeant
Johnson, O. PulaskeyAPrivatePrivate
Johnson, P.B.KPrivatePrivate
Johnson, R.B.KPrivatePrivate
Johnson, RichardKPrivatePrivate
Johnson, S.B.DPrivatePrivate
Johnson, Tho. B.D,CPrivatePrivate
Johnson, W.C.KPrivatePrivate
Johnson, W.J.E
Johnston, Andrew J. IPrivatePrivate
Johnston, J.J.DPrivate Sergeant
Johnston, James M.DPrivatePrivate
Johnston, Joseph B.AFirst Lieutenant Captain
Johnston, O.P.APrivatePrivate
Johnston, Spencer B.DPrivatePrivate
Johnston, T.B.D,CPrivatePrivate
Jones, Archie K.KPrivate Captain
Jones, B.R.CPrivatePrivate
Jones, E.G.GPrivatePrivate
Jones, Edward C.BPrivatePrivate
Jones, Francis M.DPrivatePrivate
Jones, George H.APrivatePrivate
Jones, George J.ECorporal Sergeant
Jones, George W.ECorporal Sergeant
Jones, Hugh N.DPrivatePrivate
Jones, J.G.CCorporal Sergeant
Jones, James M.DPrivatePrivate
Jones, James T.FCorporal Corporal
Jones, John W.FPrivatePrivate
Jones, M.L.KPrivatePrivate
Jones, Merreweather B.KPrivatePrivate
Jones, W.S.KPrivatePrivate
Jones, Jr., George W.DPrivatePrivate
Jones, Sr., George W.DPrivatePrivate
Jonvalle, FrankCPrivatePrivate
Jouvalle, FrankCPrivatePrivate
Jouvelle, FrankCPrivatePrivate

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