Jayess Baptist Church Cemetery

Jayess Baptist Church Cemetery is located behind Jayess Baptist Church, Jayess, Lawrence Co., MS

Transcribed & Submitted by Earl and Nelli Alexander, April 23, 2004

AlexanderFord E.24 Dec. 192304 Jan 1972s/w Clarice A.
AlexanderClarice A.04 Oct 192311 Jan 1981s/w Ford E.
AlexanderHerbert L.01 Aug 189724 Nov 1958s/w Lou Ella Alexander
AlexanderLouElla22 Dec 189913 Jul 1994s/w Herbert L. Alexander
AlexanderHubert L.24 Dec 192104 Nov 1998PFC US Army
AlexanderDorothy S.14 Aug 192629 Aug 1945Pa & Ma
AlexanderDanny Keith28 Nov 1955Not sure if the date is birth or death.
AlexanderDewitt W.01 Jan 189521 Dec 1962
AlexanderMaggie M.28 Dec 190127 July 1983
AlexanderCecil01 Dec 192630 Dec 2000US Coast Guard WWlls/w Annie Merle Alexander
AlexanderAnnie Merle(Alford)11 Sept 1933Wed. 23 March 1955s/w Cecil Alexander
AlexanderBart22 Dec 189323 May 1979Pvt US Army WWll
AlexanderKay Lynn 1945 1946
AlexanderJesse Lester18 Mar 191422 Oct 1997Wed. 8 Jan 1933 s/w Henrie G Griffith
AlexanderHenrie G.(Griffith)09 Apr 191529 Mar 1987
AlexanderChancy P.06 Sept 187407 Oct 1961 Father s/w Jesse Lester Alexander
AlexanderCerintha B.04 Mar 187810 May 1963Mother
AlexanderRuby26 Jan 190226 Apr 1994
BeardJesse Prentiss17 Feb 190825 Apr 1989WWIIDied in MS
BeardWilbur L.01 June 189928 June 1982Father
BeardAva Alexander27 Nov 1900 30 Mar 1972Mother
BeardEthew I. 1902 1972Wed. 28 Dec 1926s/w Hazel M. Beard
BeardHazel M. 1910 1987s/w Ethew I. Beard
BoydBennie E.25 Oct 189111 June 1972
BoydLillie C.15 Oct 189101 Aug 1971
BoydAndrew Carnie17 Nov 192719 May 1992
BoydHemby H19 Apr 192209 Jan 1983Tec 5 US Army WWll
BoydBessie L?? Oct 189212 Mar 1946
BurnetteBaxter H.14 Dec 188106 Mar 1976
BurnetteAda Boyd11 Nov 188808 May 1961
CothernOtha M.03 Dec 1922 Wed. 22 Jul 1950s/w Willie Fae Cothern
CothernWillie Fae12 Feb 1927s/w Otha M. Cothern
DayWillie Mack21 July 191626 Dec 1990Father
DayJosephine R.04 Jan 1922Mother-Wed 1 Jul 1933
Day Ben W.04 July 188007 Dec 1952Dad
DayMollie S.20 Mar 18920 9 Apr 1975Mom
DunawayJames R.28 Aug 189403 May 1991U S Army
DunawayTena A.02 Sept 190006 Aug 1986
FullerAustin21 Mar 191503 Mar 1977Father
FullerFlora Rayborn16 July 190830 Dec 1981Mother - Wed. 1 July 1933
HolmesShirley Q.19 Dec 189707 May 1962s/w Nettie C. Alexander
HolmesNettie C.13 Jan 189916 Mar 1964s/w Shirley Q. Alexander
JohnsonWilliam L.22 Jul 192013 May 1988s/w Erline R. Alexander
JohnsonErline R.10 Feb 192226 Jul 1990s/w William L. Alexander
LambertBert15 Jan 189809 Jan 1965
LambertOma Lee11 Sept 189706 Sept 1974
LoftonJames D.17 June 188314 Mar 1968
LoftonEmmett L. Sr.28 June 191403 Jan 1996Wed. 23 Dec 1933s/w Elouise B.
LoftonElouise B.04 Dec 191510 Jan 2001s/w Emmett L. Lofton
MurrellEmery C.14 Feb 192530 Jan 1987
MurrellKathryn D.18 June 192408 Nov 1969
O'QuinBobby L.25 Sept 193617 Apr 1988
O'QuinWillie L.05 Feb 1937
O'QuinCharles Theodore28 Mar 1901 June 1953
O'QuinNetta Carney10 Aug 190107 Apr 1994
PartinJ.W.02 Mar 1931No other date
PartinVenetta Wilson06 Dec 1927"Tootsie"No other date
PowellGerald D.29 Aug 192611 Aug 1986Wed. 13 Jan 1943Husband of Lavern M.
PowellLavern M.18 Mar 1923
PowellEdgar B.31 Oct 190214 July 1981Wed. abt. 1922Husband of Juanita D.
PowellJuanita D.17 June 190103 Mar 1975
RaybornWilson16 Oct 187919 Aug 1965
RaybornLovie14 Feb 189026 Oct 1953
RaybornPressie10 Sep 191010 Mar 1984Son
RaybornWilliam Sedley02 Nov 1923Wed. 20 June 1942s/w Edith Alica Rayborn
RaybornEdith Alica17 Mar 192323 Jan 2003s/w William Sedley Rayborn
RialsLee Ellis30 Dec 189701 Oct 1968s/w Betty (Strange) Rials
RialsBetty Strange14 Jun 190327 May 2003s/w Lee Ellis Rials
RobertsJoe M.16 Feb 188920 Jun 1948
RobertsIrma C.03 Apr 189506 Apr 1971
RuperdAnnette B.10 Jan 191919 Jan 2002
RuperdRichard E.15 Aug 194409 Apr 1988U S Air Force
RussellHenry P.15 May 187924 Feb 1957Dad
RutlandJack H.06 June 1920Wed. 18 Nov 1945s/w Evelyn B. Rutland
RutlandEvelyn B.25 June 192410 Nov 1992s/w Jack H. Rutland
Shoemake??04 Mar 1971Our Little GirlInfant Dau. of Betty and John Shoemake
StewartGladys Ham15 May 192006 May 1987
SumrallFestus19 Oct 190128 Oct 1988
SumrallTrula16 July 190510 Sept 2000
TempleLeona Pauline09 Nov 192812 Nov 2001
WilsonJewell James28 Apr 191918 Apr 1947MOMM 3 C USNR WWllb. MS

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