Lawrence County, Mississippi Land Patents Database

Contributed by Joy Fisher and Tina Vickery

These land records represent the transfer of public lands to private ownership. In most cases they represent purchase of the land by individuals from the United States Government. Others are the result of homesteading, Indian cessions or treaties, or bounty lands given to military veterans.
This database of more than 225,000 records can be browsed and is based on the original raw database of the General Land Office, a precursor to the Bureau of Land Management.
The BLM is in the process of scanning and putting online all of these records for you to see and print out for your own use.

The database this introduction is appended to may contain errors the BLM has corrected as they double checked every record while scanning the documents. Once you have found an entry of interest in this database, be sure to double check it against the BLM web site.
The county designation in this database represents what county the land is in today, not what county it was at the time the individual took possession of the land, as county boundaries have changed many times over the years.

You can view current county maps at the Mississippi Department of Transportation web site:
These maps show the Township, Range and Section numbers of each parcel of land in the county.




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