Towns and Communities of Lawrence County, Mississippi



Arm is located seven miles southeast of Monticello and was founded in 1905 after the G & SI Railroad came through this section. This place was named for W.J Armstrong who owned the land near the railroad. A small sawmill was built here and the village flourished for a while but when the mill was removed, Arm became a farming center with one church and a store with a post office.


Divide is located five miles northeast of Jayess and it was named for it’s location – on a dividing ridge between Coopers, Tilton and Topisaw Creeks. It was formed around 1906.



Hooker is located eight miles northeast of Monticello and was formed about 1880, but it was first known as the Crooked Creek Community. The Crooked Creek Baptist Church which was established about the same time was first known as Soloman’s Temple.


Jayess is four miles southeast of Divide. The town was named for J.S. Butterfield who owned Butterfield Lumber Company, but it was spelled Jayess by the Postal Department when an office was authorized in 1913.


Monticello was founded in 1812 by Herman Runnels and named after the home of Thomas Jefferson. The location of Monticello on the intersection of the Pearl River and St. Stephens Road made it the focal point of political, commercial, social, and cultural activities. It became the seat of government for the county in 1815 and was incorporated in 1818.

New Hebron

New Hope

New Hope is located ten miles southwest of Montilcello and was formed in 1900 as a farming community. A school was formed in 1905 but in 1931 it consolidated with Monticello.


Nola is located five miles southwest of Sontag and was formed when the Pearl River Lumber Company was cutting the timber between Monticello and Brookhaven. It was named for Nola White, a prominent citizen as well as the first postmaster.


Oakvale is located six miles southeast of Arm and was settled in the early 1800’s by the Parkman, Bryant and Lenoir families.


Oma is located seven miles north of Wanilla and was founded in 1906 by Homer E. Little and his father-in-law John B. Moore and was named for Mrs. Oma Moore Little.


Silver Creek

Silver Creek is located 8 miles northeast of Monticello on U. S. Highway 84. The area was settled around 1820 by the Longino, Price, Kirby, Neal, and Williams families. Originally named “The Hall,” changed to Silver Creek for a nearby stream in 1893. In 1953 the filming of Jesse James Women by Panora Pictures was done in Silver Creek.


Sontag is located five miles west of Wanilla and was once a Choctaw Village


Tilton is located south of Topeka and was named after Titlon Creek.



Wanilla is located seven miles north of Monticello and was one time a part of the plantation of General Arthur Fox who along with planters constituted the aristocracy of the Pearl River before the Civil War.




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