Abbott, Clay County, Minnesota, 1891

The village of Abbott is situated near the geographical center of Clay County, eleven miles northwest from West Point, the county seat, and eight miles from Muldon on the Mobile & Ohio railroad, which is the nearest railroad point. That a railway will be built here at an early day seems probable. There has been a line surveyed from Muldon station, and an excellent route, affording easy grades and but few bridges, has been located. It is believed that the Mobile & Ohio railroad company will recognize the necessity of building this important branch soon. When it is borne in mind that at least two-thirds of the twenty thousand bales of cotton annually shipped from West Point come from the country around and naturally tributary to Abbott, some idea of the importance of a feeder into this district becomes apparent.

At present the population of Abbott scarcely reaches two hundred. There are three mercantile houses doing an annual business of 135,000, a saddlery and harness shop, a wagon shop and blacksmith shop, gristmill and gin. There is also a double daily mail.

Abbott was named in honor of Capt. F. M. Abbott, its founder, a native of the state of Pennsylvania, who located here immediately subsequent to the war, has since that time devoted himself to making a home worthy of the name, and to proving by living witnesses that not only can a Northern man live, be respected and prosper here, but also that improved modes of farming and diversified agriculture can be carried on as successfully, and even carried to a higher point of perfection, than ia any of the Northern or Eastern states.


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Source: Biographical and Historical Memories of Mississippi, Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1891

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