Louisville, Winston County, Mississippi, 1891

Louisville, the county seat of Winston County, has a population of three hundred and seventy-five, and is a thriving and progressive inland town with no railroad connection. It contains several good store buildings, some sightly church edifices and a creditable court-house. The land on which the county buildings are located was donated to Winston County by Jane Dodson.

The first newspaper issued in Winston County was the Times-Tablet and Mississippi. Gazette, published in 1844, at Louisville. The next paper was the Chronicle, established prior to the war, and after the war came the Bulletin, and later the Banner, followed by the Index and the Signal. The last mentioned paper was started by W. J. Newsom, present editor and proprietor.

Louisville lodge No. 75, A. F. & A. M., was organized under a dispensation granted in 1845, and was chartered January 10, 1846. Other lodges in the county are

Webster lodge No. 205

Winstonville lodge No. 277

Perkinsville lodge No. 331.

In Winston the Masonic society. Odd Fellows, Grange, Alliance, etc., are represented.

There are several normal and low-grade schools throughout the county. At Louisville, Plattsburg and Betheden there are churches of the Methodist, Baptist, old style Presbyterians, Cumberland Presbyterians, Catholic, Lutheran and Campbellite or Christian denominations.


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Source: Biographical and Historical Memories of Mississippi, Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1891

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