The Indian Races of North and South America

Judy added this weekend to our Native American collection online “The Indian Races of North and South America.” This manuscript provides details on various Native American tribes of America. While it comprises over 500 pages it is still not an exhaustive study of the Native American nations.

An Account of the Principal Aboriginal Races; A Description of their National Customs, Mythology, and Religious Ceremonies; The History of their most Powerful Tribes, and of their Most Celebrated Chiefs and Warriors; Their Intercourse and Wars with the European Settlers; and A Great Variety of Anecdote and Description, Illustrative of Personal and National Character. Including The Late Sioux War and Indian Massacres in Minnesota.

  • The Aborigines Of Mexico
  • The Florida Indians
  • The Indians Of Virginia
  • New England Indians
  • The Iroquois or Six Nations
  • Pontiac’s War
  • The Delawares, Shawanees, and Other Tribes of the Middle and Western States
  • Indians of The Southern States
  • Northern Races
  • The Knisteneaux, Chippewa, &c
  • The Sioux, or Dahcota, and other Tribes of the same Race
  • Indians of the Great Western Prairies
  • Tribes on the Columbia and its Tributaries
  • The Shoshonees, or Snake Indians

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