1870 Lawrence County Census – Monticello PO 3

Monticello Post Office Pg 221-224

Monticello Post Office Pg 221-224

FNNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue R. E.PersonalPlace of Birth
767Manton, L.21MBfarm handMiss
768Bourne, J. J.24MWfarmer$180$310Miss
769Wiley, M.60MBfarm handVA
770Ward, D. E or C60MWfarmerGA
771Patterson, T. J.28MWfarmer$300$200Miss
772Rodgers, James27MWfarmer$160$160Miss
773Bennat, ?W. V.38MWfarmer$100$145Miss
774Sutton, H. I.38MBfarmer$150$210Miss
775Turner, A. K.56MWfarmer$770SC
776Cohen, G. J.56MWfarmer$600$650Tenn
777Cohen, Samy28MBfarm handNC
778?Kiyan, J.30MBfarmerMiss
779Wallace, N. H.37FWkeeps house$70$290SC
780S?????, N. J.36MWfarmer$100$145Miss
781Rogers, M. H.58MWkeeps house$300$320GA
782Parkman, R.38MBfarm handMiss
783?Sander, A. J.34MWfarmer$350Miss
784?Cannon, ?H. L.51Wkeeps house$160$800Miss
785Rogers, J. F.22MWfarmer$230$145Miss
786Rogers, Mack48MBfarm handVA
787Rogers, H. J.38MWfarmer$400$860Miss
788Rogers, R.23MBfarm handMiss
789Stanford, King84MBVA
790Sheppard, A or H.58MWfarmerGA
791?Berhnon, M. E.21FWkeeps house$300$435Miss
792Stucky, Wright40MWfarm handMiss
793Stucky, Mariann32FWkeeps houseMiss
794Cauley, D.69MBfarm hand$100GA
795Randolph, B.26MBfarm hand$100Miss
796Sheppard, A. W.49MWfarmer$210$200Miss
797Rogers, Judy60FBcookMiss
798Sangoton, D. N.31MWfarmer$200$300Miss
799Nichols, Willis35MBfarm hand$100Miss
800Sangoton, Chas36MBfarm handMiss
801Ward, Anna50FWKeeps house$320$535Miss
802Taylor, David24MBfarm handMiss
803Austin, Jno53MBfarmer$265NC
804Ward, Thos38MBfarm hand$235Miss
805Sott, Frances31FBfarm handMiss
806Ward, Willis68MBfarm handVA
807Sanders, Simon29MWfarmer$470Miss
808Arrington, A68MBfarm handNC
809Asken, Nan R.58MWfarmer$800$480GA
810Oatis, M. W.75FWkeeps house$1000$320SC
811Oatis, David26MBfarmer$320Tenn
812Oatis, H.48MBfarm handKY
813Buckley, Sol50MBfarm handMiss
814Goodley, Alf52MBfarmer$100VA
815Butler, H. D.46MWfarmer$600$460Miss
816Wiley, Robt57MMfarm handSC
817Gregory, Hiram48MWM. D.$800$980SC
818Taylor, Saml35MBfarmerMiss
819Oatis, Abe31MBfarm hand$450Miss
820Cole, John70MWfarmer$1000$285SC




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