1870 Lawrence County Census – White Sand PO

 1870 Lawrence County Census
White Sand Post Office Pg 225-226

White Sand Post Office Pg 225-226
FNNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue R. E.PersonalPlace of Birth
821Oatis, Sam36MBfarm handMiss
822Speights, John36MMfarmerMiss
823Mikell, J. J.40MWfarmer$1000$1175Miss
824Speights, Jn25MMfarm handMiss
825?Haymond, A.45MBfarm handMiss
826Cole, Wm C.39MWfarmer$800$920Miss
827Bridges, L. W.54MWfarmer$140$150GA
828Mikell, ?I. H.24MWfarme$130Miss
829Waller, Wm M.23MWfarmer$200$330Miss
830Nubal, J.23MWfarm hand$100Indiana
831Mathersby, Jo T.38MWfarmer$330Miss
832Cole, Isaac23MBfarm handMiss
833Mikell, James63MWfarmer$600$375Tenn
834Oatis, Sam70MBfarm handGA
835Spights, D38FBfarm handMiss
836Bass, L40FBfarm handMiss
837Oatis, W.45MBfarm handMiss
838Waller, B. S.68MW?Phmcin$400$590KY
839Hartzog, Willis24MWfarmer$350$340Miss
840Armstrong, R.40MBfarm hand$645$370VA
84Lucas, Willis21MBfarm handMiss
842Oatis, Wash31MBfarm hand$60$302Miss




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