1870 Lawrence County Census – Siler Creek 2

 1870 Lawrence County Census
Silver Creek Post Office Pg. 226 B-227

Silver Creek Post Office Pg. 226 B-227

FNNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue R. E.PersonalPlace of Birth
843Hartzog, A. A.31MWfarmer$160$210Miss
844Barnes, Alx48MMfarm handMiss
845Hooks, E.61FMCookVA
846Daniels, Jeff30MMfarmer$300$710Miss
847Ward, Isaac32MMfarm hand$50Miss
848Armstrong, J. M.28MBfarm handMiss
849Sanders, A. S.46FWkeeps house$315Miss
850Sanders, C.22MWfarmer$120Miss
851Armstein, San30MMfarmer$50Miss
852Price, Geo23MBfarm handMiss
853Armstrong, Wm44MWfarmer$400$615Miss
854Armstrong, Isaac62MWfarmer$420$300Tenn
855Armstrong, J. T.20MWfarmer$110Miss
856Armstrong, Elias35MWfarmer$350$150Miss
857Williams, James51MWfarmer$300$245Miss
858Williams, J. H.22MWfarm hand$160Miss
859Martin, J.25MMfarmer$150Miss




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