1870 Lawrence County Census – Monticello PO 5

Monticello Post Office Pg 238B-239A

FNNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue R. E.PersonalPlace of Birth
1039Thurman, Able33MWfarmer$750$610Miss
1040Blackman, Hon19MWfarm handMiss
1041Gaynes, Sarah60FWkeeps house$10Sa
1042Sellers, Jas41MWfarmer$750$145Miss
1043Brown, P. S.34MWmiller$120Miss
1044Sanford, Derrell56MWfarmer$420$125SC
1045Bethea, Jno A.55MWfarmer$1075$690SC
1046Sandford, N.28MWfarm handMiss
1047Weathersby, Isham48MWfarmer$1400$935Miss
1048Hutching, A.40MWfarmer$385Miss
1049Benson, Isham75MBsawmill hdNC
1050Loyd, Sam26MWDry Good M$500NC
1051Hathorn, John43MWfarmer$1600$560Miss
1052Aoudwand, F.31MBfarm handMiss





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