1870 Lawrence County Census

The 1870 census in Lawrence was taken in June of 1870 as Assistant Marshalls walked the county enumerating folks in an organized trek across the county. No transcription is perfect. First, you may have had an illiterate ancestor, who could not read or write their own name. Complicating it more, would be the accent of your ancestor, and how the enumerator first heard, and then recorded the names. I know I encounter enormous issues when talking with people, especially over the phone, and providing my last name. That’s today, when most of us are literate. Imagine what it was like back then!

Parts of the available transcription is just a heads of household index, but many of the pages now show a larger section of details. As in all cases in genealogical research, due diligence on your part is required. YOU should view the census images yourself and place your own perspective on what it says, not rely solely on a transcription to verify your genealogy.



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