A Surnames – Residents of Lawrence County 1917-1918


Contributed by: Ray H. Banks <Rayhbanks@aol.com>
(Posted with his permission)

A Surnames Only

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 Birth Date


 Birth Location – Other

 Location of Registration

Abram, Evans (Evan)1875BLawrence, MS
Abrom, Leeroy Holies (Halies)26 Jul 1900BLawrence, MS
Adams, Frank09 Mar 1896BSilver Creek MSMarion, MS
Adams, James Hardy27 Aug 1896WLawrence Co. MS
dad b. Lamar Co. AL
Fayette, AL
Adams, Preston14 Mar 1900BLawrence, MS
Aicher, Edward Henry16 Jan 1887WMelker  (Meeker) COLawrence, MS
Ainsworth, Ezra Owen16 Dec 1879WLawrence, MS
Ainsworth, Frank Amanthus31 Dec 1894WNola MSWalthall, MS
Ainsworth, Thomas Marvin29 May 1892WNola MSWalthall, MS
Alborn, Charley15 Mar 1883WSwede; rel. lived Norfield MSLawrence, MS
Alexander, Aaronabt 1896BSontag MSMarion, MS
Alexander, Allen05 Aug 1880WLawrence, MS
Alexander, Bart21 Dec 1893WLawrence Co. MSLawrence, MS
Alexander, Benjamin Melvin19 Feb 1885WLawrence, MS
Alexander, Chancey Porter06 Sep 1874WLawrence, MS
Alexander, Christopher Lee23 Feb 1891WJayess MSLawrence, MS
Alexander, Clarence02 Jan 1895WJayess MSLawrence, MS
Alexander, Cleveland16 Jul 1895BSontag MSLawrence, MS
Alexander, Dewitt01 Jan 1895WJayess MSLawrence  MS
Alexander, Esley Porter10 Sep 1898WLawrence  MS
Alexander, Harris Mitton (Milton)12 Apr 1883Wlived- RFD Verna MSPike  MS
Alexander, Harris Walter24 Feb 1876Wrelative lived Verna MSPike  MS
Alexander, Herbert Leon01 Aug 1897Whe & dad b. Jayess MSLawrence  MS
Alexander, Josiah25 Jan 1889BSontag MSLawrence  MS
Alexander, Marshal (Marshel)30 Aug 1900BLawrence  MS
Alexander, Milton Lee07 Apr 1892WJayess MSLawrence  MS
Alexander, Nathaniel Everett14 Jan 1882WLawrence  MS
Alexander, Oscar19 Jul 1900WLawrence  MS
Alexander, Ray Arthur06 Nov 1896Whe & dad b. RFD Verna MSPike MS
Alexander, Woodie06 Sep 1898WLawrence  MS
Alford, Charlie Frank12 Apr 1874WLawrence  MS
Alford, John Hescal08 May 1897WJayess MS
dad b. Walthall Co. MS
Walthall  MS
Allen, Carlton E.30 May 1897Whe & dad b. New Hebron MSAdams  MS
Allen, Charles Magner14 Feb 1875WLawrence  MS
Allen, Edgar Alonzo14 Oct 1872WLawrence  MS
Allen, Edward10 Apr 1897WEpley MSLawrence  MS
Allen, Harris S.02 May 1888WSilver Creek MSLawrence  MS
Allen, Homer15 Sep 1885BLawrence  MS
Allen, Hubert Bryant03 May 1897Whe & dad b. Silver Creek MSLawrence  MS
Allen, Hubert Owen21 Sep 1875WLawrence  MS
Allen, Hurbert Owen21 Sep 1875WLawrence  MS
Allen, James Aron09 Dec 1893Wnear Monticello MS
lived RFD Jayess MS
Walthall  MS
Allen, Otis Haynes04 Aug 1899Wworked in Bogalusa MSLawrence  MS
Allen, Sailor15 Feb 1874Blived RFD Silver Creek MSJefferson Davis  MS
Allen, Thomas E.02 May 1888WSilver Creek MSLawrence  MS
Allen, William Luther08 Jul 1890WWesson MSLawrence  MS
Allen, William Olive (Oliver)25 May 1878WLawrence  MS
Allen, William Robert03 Sep 1884WLawrence  MS
Anderson, Mitchel10 Dec 1891BNew Hebron MSMarion    MS
Andrews, William Howard30 Jan 1876WLawrence  MS
Anthony, Robert Brown Lee28 Jan 1900WLawrence  MS
Anthony, William Sheldon04 Nov 1897WLawrence  MS
Ard, George Washington03 Oct 1875WLawrence  MS
Ard, Joe09 Sep 1881BLawrence  MS
Ard, John Allen17 Nov 1876WLawrence  MS
Ard, Lee24 Oct 1890Wborn & lived Verna. MSLincoln  MS
Ard, Luther15 Feb 1899Wlives in Verna. MSLincoln  MS
Armstrong, Andrew08 Aug 1893Bb. & lived Silver Creek, MSMarion    MS
Armstrong, Curtis Lamar27 Jun 1895WSilver Creek, MSLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Dewitt Talmadge24 Jul 1894WOma, MSLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Earl M.06 Jan 1888WSilver Creek, MSLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Eli21 Mar 1890BMonticello, MSLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Garland Lamar21 OCt 1895WLawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis MS
Armstrong, Henryabt 1874BLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Henry07 Mar 1882Brelative lives Silver Creek MSMarion  MS
Armstrong, Homer12 Jul 1881Blived RFD Silver Creek MSJefferson Davis  MS
Armstrong, James Wilmer25 Oct 1899WLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Jefferson25 Dec 1880BLawrence  MS
Armstrong, JesseJun 1880BLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Jessie Hickman08 Oct 1890WNew Hebron MSLawrence  MS
Armstrong, John Richard19 Jul 1885Wlivesd in Folsom LALawrence  MS
Armstrong, Joseph04 Aug 1899Blived RFD Silver Creek MSJefferson Davis  MS
Armstrong, Joseph Kindred18 Feb 1883WLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Joseph Simeon14 Jul 1887WOma MSLawrence  MS
Armstrong, L.D.30 Jun 1897Bhe & dad b. Silver Creek MSLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Lonzo31 Sep 1895BLawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis  MS
Armstrong, LouisJul 1892WSilver Creek MSLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Nathan Gidden02 Sep 1879WLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Ogie McIndle (McUndle)07 Jul 1877WLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Ogire McIndle (McUndle)07 Jul 1877WLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Oliver27 Apr 1890BLawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis  MS
Armstrong, Oscar S.26 Aug 1889WSilver Creek MSLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Peter Hiram21 May 1873WLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Ransom M.04 Aug 1882Brelative lived Silver Creek MSSimpson    MS
Armstrong, Robert E. Lee30 Oct 1896Whe & dad b. New Hebron MSLawrence  MS
Armstrong, SimJan 1900BLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Thomas10 Dec 1900Blived RFD Silver Creek MSJefferson Davis  MS
Armstrong, Van1896Bhe & dad b. Silver Creek MSForrest  MS
Armstrong, Walter Newton25 May 1884WLawrence  MS
Armstrong, William A.02 Jun 1876WLawrence  MS
Armstrong, Willie13 Apr 1895B Lawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis  MS
Armstrong, Willie18 Aug 1881BLawrence  MS
Arnold, Jesse Samuel06 May 1896WLawrence Co. MSLawrence  MS
Arnold, William Joseph08 Nov 1893WLawrence Co. MSLawrence  MS
Arnold, William T.25 Mar 1889WHattiesburg MSLawrence  MS
Askins, Galloway B.14 Apr 1895WSmith Co. MSLawrence  MS
Ates, Erastus06 Jan 1884WLawrence  MS
Atkins, James K.27 Nov 1888WLa Grange MSChoctaw    MS
Atkins, James K.27 Nov 1888Wlived in Sapa MSChoctaw    MS
Atkins, Joe Tom18 Apr 1897WLa Grange MS
dad b. Choctaw Co. MS
Choctaw    MS
Atwood, George Reece (Reese)06 Sep 1891WPrentiss MSLawrence  MS
Atwood, Roscoe G.Sep 1897WLawrence  MS
Atwood, Wyatte Lee07 Nov 1896WPrentiss MS
dad b. Jefferson Davis Co. MS
Lawrence  MS
Atwood, Wyatte Lee07 Nov 1896WLawrence  MS
Aultman, Acie12 Feb 1891BLawrence Co. MSTallahatchie  MS
Aultman, Herbert01 Jan 1900Blived Lawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis  MS
Aultman, HollisFeb 1898BLawrence  MS
Aultman, Jesse James15 Nov 1892BLawrence  MS
Aultman, Leon01 Jun 1881BLawrence    MS
Aultman, Louis1885BLawrence    MS
Aultman, Otis1893BOakvale MSMarion  MS
Aultman, York02 Feb 1880BLawrence  MS
Aultman, Zeno1895BArm MSLawrence  MS
Autman, Acie12 Feb 1891BLawrence Co. MSTallahatchie  MS
Autman, HollisFeb 1898BLawrence  MS
Autman, Leon01 Jun 1881BLawrence  MS
Autman, Louis1885BLawrence  MS
Autman, Otis1893BOakvale MSMarion  MS
Autmon, Charley16 Apr 1891BOakvale MSWalthall  MS
Autrey, Thomas Jefferson16 Jun 1893WSilver Creek MSMarion  MS
Avery, Charley13 Oct 1892WMonticello MSLamar  MS
Avery, Willie W26 Mar 1891WMonticello MSLamar  MS





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