C Surnames – Residents of Lawrence County 1917-1918


Contributed by: Ray H. Banks <Rayhbanks@aol.com>
(Posted with his permission)

C Surnames Only

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 Birth Date


 Birth Location – Other

 Location of Registration

Cagle, Luther Edgar15 Feb 1890Wnear Oma MSCopiah    MS
Calcote, Ford Fletcher06 Oct 1890WCobbs MSLawrence    MS
Calhon, Burmah Nelson08 Aug 1900WLawrence    MS
Calhoun, Burmah Nelson08 Aug 1900WLawrence    MS
Calhoun, Earl09 Mar 1898WLawrence    MS
Calhoun, James Percer30 Jan 1892WLawrence Co. MSMarion    MS
Calhoun, Lee ALonzo09 Sep 1887WJayess MSLawrence    MS
Calhoun, Martin Luther25 Nov 1894WLawrence    MS
Calhoun, Richard Ferdinand02 Jul 1897WLawrence Co. MSMarion    MS
Calhoun, Walter Delaney29 Jul 1894WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Canach, Lonie23 Sep 1894WSilver Creek MSJefferson Davis  MS
Cannon, John Oatis12 Dec 1891WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Cannon, John Wycliffe25 Oct 1890WArm MSLawrence    MS
Cannon, John Wycliffe25 Oct 1890Wworks Meridian MSLawrence    MS
Carlisle, Marvin D.05 Dec 1895WLawrence Co. MSLincoln    MS
Carnegay, Acy16 Mar 1878BLawrence    MS
Carnegay, James11 Jun 1897BMadison Co. FL
dad b. Goldsboro NC
Lawrence    MS
Carney, Alpha04 Jun 1884Wworks in Norfield MSLawrence    MS
Carney, Ben Carroll19 May 1883WLawrence    MS
Carney, Clyde Denson25 Sep 1899Wlives in Norfield MSLawrence    MS
Carney, Estus S.16 Nov 1891WTilton MSWalthall    MS
Carney, Henry Homer22 Dec 1889WEnon MSLawrence    MS
Carney, Hollice Earl06 Jul 1893WLawrence Co. MSLawrence    MS
Carney, Johnnie Gail28 May 1886WLawrence Co. MSLawrence    MS
Carney, Luther Edward29 Sep 1887WLawrence Co. MSLawrence    MS
Carney, Murray22 Jun 1897Whe & dad b. Lawrence Co. MSWalthall    MS
Carney, Rubin Isiah01 Jan 1879Wworks in Norfield MSLawrence    MS
Carney, Sidney17 Feb 1896WJayess MSLawrence    MS
Carney, Simeon17 Feb 1896WJayess MSLawrence    MS
Carney, Walter Wesley28 Jan 1893WLawrence Co. MSLawrence    MS
Carpenter, Grady Lamar28 Mar 1899Wlives at RFD Oma MSCopiah    MS
Carpenter, William Jennings27 Jul 1900Wlives at RFD Oma MSCopiah    MS
Carr, Benjamin Franklin08 Nov 1892WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Carr, James Calvin18 Oct 1888WLawrence Co. MSFranklin    MS
Carr, Joe Columbus21 Nov 1896Whe & dad b. Monticello MSLawrence    MS
Carr, Martin Vanburen22 May 1890WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Carr, Moro23 Nov 1888BLawrence Co. MSWalthall    MS
Carr, Philip Pool12 Sep 1896?he & dad b. Monticello MSLawrence    MS
Carr, Samuel B.27 Sep 1898WLawrence    MS
Carr, Thomas Clifton03 Apr 1891WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Carr, William Henry18 Jul 1893WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Carr, William Wesley14 Feb 1885WLawrence    MS
Carter, George Henry26 Jan 1874Wworks Lawrence Co. MSForrest    MS
Carter, Simon30 Oct 1895BJefferson Davis Co. MS
lives RFD Arm MS
Jefferson Davis    MS
Carter, Willis Nathan08 Aug 1889WLawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis    MS
Castilaw, Lealone31 Jul 1900WLawrence    MS
Cates, John Seburn (Sebon)28 Mar 1900BLawrence    MS
Cathern, Loomus Ezra10 Feb 1886WLawrence    MS
Cato, Whittieabt 1892BNewhebron MSLawrence    MS
Catt, Ernest Vaiden17 Sep 1892WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Catt, Estus L.25 Mar 1896WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Catt, John Ilance08 Aug 1880WLawrence    MS
Caves, Bunk22 Feb 1897WMonticello MS
dad b. Lawrence Co. MS
Lawrence    MS
Caves, James Cecil20 Jan 1891WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Caves, Loranza06 Feb 1887WLawrence    MS
Caves, William Wade18 May 1886WLawrence    MS
Chanaelor, Harvey24 Feb 1896BSontag MSMadison    LA
Chance, Connie23 Sep 1895WSilver Creek MSJefferson Davis    MS
Chance, Jesse Jackson25 Jun 1881Wlives Silver Creek MSJefferson Davis    MS
Chance, John Eli14 Aug 1878Wlives RFD Silver Creek MSJefferson Davis    MS
Chance, Lonnie23 Sep 1894WSilver Creek MSJefferson Davis    MS
Chance, Steven Earnest10 Jul 1883Wlives Silver Creek MSJefferson Davis    MS
Chance, Tom31 May 1891WSilver Creek MSJefferson Davis    MS
Chancellor, Robert14 Apr 1880BLawrence    MS
Chancellor, Ves11 Feb 1900BLawrence    MS
Chapman, James Wiley12 Oct 1872WLawrence    MS
Chiles, James Elliott30 Sep 1885Wlives Nola MSLincoln    MS
Chisholm, John Wright06 Mar 1884WLawrence    MS
Clark, Anselm Joseph24 Dec 1896WBraxton MSLawrence    MS
Clark, Elbert Zobious21 Jul 1880WLawrence    MS
Clark, James Reiss19 Sep 1886WBrandon MS
lives RFD Jayess MS
works near Sartinville MS
Walthall    MS
Clark, Maxie Napoleon19 Dec 1886WSilver Creek MSJones    MS
Clay, Ogie15 Feb 1882Bin prison in Parchman MSLawrence    MS
Cliburn, Charles21 Feb 1881WLawrence    MS
Cliburn, Columbus04 Sep 1888WHebron MSLawrence    MS
Cliburn, Francis Eugene09 Mar 1883WLawrence    MS
Cliburn, Henry Calvin22 Mar 1874WLawrence    MS Lawrence    MS
Cliburn, Homer10 May 1894WGrange MSLawrence    MS
Cliburn, James Cabe24 Jan 1874WLawrence    MS
Cliburn, Joseph Carl05 Aug 1900WLawrence    MS
Cliburn, Luther L.22 Apr 1889WHebron MSCopiah    MS
Cliburn, Marshall29 Oct 1898WLawrence    MS
Cliburn, Sebron L.27 Dec 1889WHooker MSLawrence    MS
Cliburn, Steve C.13 Apr 1884WLawrence    MS
Cliburn, Thomas Jefferson07 Aug 1880WLawrence    MS
Cliburn, William Benton09 Aug 1884WLawrence    MS
Cline, Drew03 Jan 1890WTerry MS
lives RFD Newhebron MS
Simpson    MS
Cobb, Alexander Gove (Gore)11 May 1877Wlives Norfield MSLawrence    MS
Cohea, Cobie03 Nov 1885BLawrence    MS
Cohea, Frank01 Jan 1885BLawrence    MS
Cohea, Les02 Sep 1879BLawrence    MS
Cohea, Williamabt 1889BMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Coker, Ira Chase28 Jan 1878Wlives RFD Verna MSLincoln    MS
Coker, John Walter05 Dec 1898Wlives Verna MSLincoln    MS
Cole, Charlie22 Oct 1886WMt. Olive MSLawrence    MS
Cole, Floyd20 Jan 1895BSilver Creek MSJefferson Davis    MS
Cole, Hessie09 Mar 1890WLawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis    MS
Cole, Joe A.26 Sep 1886WMississippiLawrence    MS
Cole, Lamar22 Dec 1894WLawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis    MS
Cole, Matthew09 Apr 1883BLawrence    MS
Cole, Mitchel26 Oct 1892WLawrence Co. MS
lives RFD Newhebron MS
Jefferson Davis    MS
Cole, Robert A.14 Oct 1887WPrentiss MSLawrence    MS
Cole, Sebron  (Selb) (Sebron)24 Dec 1887WLawrence Co. MS
lives RFD Newhebron MS
Jefferson Davis    MS
Cole, Sim15 Jul 1900Bworks in Pascagoula MSLawrence    MS
Coleman, Fairy29 Jan 1900Bmom lives Lawrence Co. MSLamar    MS
Collins, Amill26 Jan 1898BLawrence    MS
Collins, Charlie05 Aug 1887BLawrence    MS
Collins, Frank James19 Jun 1892WLawrence MSLawrence MS
Collins, Hosie15 Jun 1892Bnear Monticello MSLawrence    MS
Collins, Isaac19 Apr 1884Bworks in Lucien MSLawrence    MS
Collins, Jessie15 Jun 1879BLawrence    MS
Collins, Jessie16 Mar 1899BLawrence    MS
Collins, John21 Feb 1883BLawrence    MS
Collins, John Billabt 1883BLawrence    MS
Collins, Marshall1894BTilton MSLawrence    MS
Collins, Milton Herschel27 Mar 1879WLawrence    MS
Collins, Oliver15 Jun 1888BMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Collins, Porter27 Mar 1888Bnear Monticello MSLawrence    MS
Collins, Wirt Addams03 Sep 1889WLawrence Co. MSLawrence    MS
Conelry, Willie07 Aug 1885BLawrence    MS
Conely, Estus25 Jun 1900BLawrence    MS
Conerly, Ed24 Sep 1882Brelative lives Jayess MSAutauga    AL
Conerly, Ernest12 Jan 1899BLawrence    MS
Conerly, John Wesley25 Jun 1884WLawrence    MS
Conerly, Rufus Theodore24 Aug 1881WLawrence    MS
Conerly, Willie07 Aug 1885BLawrence    MS
Conley, Hent15 Apr 1898Blives in Norfield MSLawrence    MS
Conn, Dewey Hobson10 Aug 1898Wdad lives RFD Ruth MSLawrence    MS
Conn, John Smith26 Apr 1900WLawrence    MS
Conn, Thomas Fleet (Dr.)31 Mar 1880WLawrence    MS
Cook, Ben28 Nov 1894BArm MSLawrence    MS
Cook, Harvey B.10 Feb 1888WLa Grange MSChoctaw    MS
Cook, James Dalton17 Dec 1894WMorgantown KYLawrence    MS
Cook, Rufus13 Dec 1897WLa Grange MSChoctaw    MS
Coon, Linos L.22 Jul 1888WLincoln Co. MS
lives RFD Verna MS
Walthall    MS
Coon, Lona C. (Louie)06 Apr 1896WVerna MSWalthall    MS
Coon, Louie C. (Lona)07 Apr 1896WVerna MSWalthall    MS
Cooper, Forrest Graham08 Apr 1892WMonticello MSSunflower    MS
Cooper, George Butler10 Jun 1897WMonticello MS
dad b. Columbia MS
Walthall    MS
Cooper, Thomas11 Sep 1887WLawrence Co. MSAmite    MS
Corthon, Sampson Ben10 Dec 1899WLawrence    MS
Cothern, Beachem12 Jul 1897WWalthall Co. MS
dad b. Poplarville MS
lives RFD Verna MS
Walthall    MS
Cothern, Hosea Johnnie04 Jan 1891WVerna MS
works in Bloomfield CT
Walthall    MS
Cothern, Lewis Napoleon20 Feb 1883WLawrence    MS
Cothern, Loomus Ezra10 Feb 1886W[card filed in Cath section]Lawrence    MS
Cothern, Lucius W.17 Jun 1896WVerna MSWalthall    MS
Cothern, Porter05 Sep 1892WJayess MSWalthall    MS
Cothern, Sampson Ben10 Dec 1899WLawrence    MS
Cothern, William M.04 Feb 1888WVerna MSWalthall    MS
Cothern, William Simeon28 Jan 1880WLawrence    MS
Coulter, Reggie22 Apr 1893WRFD Newhebron MSJefferson Davis    MS
Coulter, William Roscoe28 Oct 1890WNewhebron MSJefferson Davis    MS
Covney, Calvin15 Feb 1880BLawrence    MS
Cowan, Ira Calvin27 Nov 1876WLawrence    MS
Cowart, William Cullen17 Feb 1875WLawrence    MS
Cox, Bill14 Oct 1874WLawrence    MS
Cox, Henry13 Mar 1889WMcComb MSLawrence    MS
Cox, James Oliver28 Feb 1880Wrelat. lives RFD Purvis MSLawrence    MS
Cox, John Luther30 Sep 1872WLawrence    MS
Cox, Louis16 Mar 1885WLawrence    MS
Cox, Thomas01 Oct 1891WSilver Creek MS
lives in Improve MS
Marion    MS
Cox, Tomie18 Feb 1895W?Lawrence Co. MSLincoln    MS
Cox, Walter Fairman24 Jun 1900WLawrence    MS
Cox, Warren Houston29 Nov 1892WMonticello MSJackson City    MS
Craft, James Nelson30 Aug 1897WLawrence    MS
Craft, Loucion Dewit04 Sep 1894BMonticello MSRankin    MS
Craft, Mack10 Aug 1882Bworks in Norfield MSLawrence    MS
Craft, Mell04 Feb 1889BJayess MSFranklin    MS
Crain, Estus13 Dec 1893WMonticello MSLawrence    MS
Crane, Marcus17 Jun 1894WMonticello MS
works in Meadville MS
Lawrence    MS
Crane, Wellis22 Feb 1899Wrelat. lives Monticello MSFranklin    MS
Crawford, Archie Whit07 Aug 1874WLawrence    MS
Crawford, Hooker1900WLawrence    MS
Crawford, James Eddie25 Jul 1897?he & dad b. Shivers MS
lives Newhebron MS
Simpson    MS
Crawford, Oather25 Dec 1892WSampson MS
lives RFD Newhebron MS
Jefferson Davis    MS
Creel, Arthur Victor Moran (Maron)22 Oct 1892WFranklinton LALawrence    MS
Creel, Hiram Jefferson11 Jul 1895WMarion Co. MSLawrence    MS
Creel, Jackson Samuel Rosmer05 Jun 1884WLawrence    MS
Croft, Ezra1891BMonticello MS
lives in Jayess MS
Marion    MS
Croft, JessieJan 1899BLawrence    MS
Crosby, Frederic M.15 Aug 1888WLawrence Co. MSLawrence    MS
Crosby, George Locke15 Apr 1882WLawrence    MS
Crosby, Jesse Berry13 Sep 1885WLawrence    MS
Crosby, John Chapman24 Jun 1877WLawrence    MS
Crosby, Oscar Franklin29 Apr 1894WHebron MSLawrence    MS
Crout, Henry Wattson27 Mar 1892WPelahatchie MS
works in Arm MS
Simpson    MS
Crump, George27 Sep 1899Brelat. lives Hazlehurst MSLawrence    MS
Culpepper, Cincinnatti C.24 Sep 1872Wworks in Hillsdale MSLawrence    MS
Culpepper, J.Fulton05 Apr 1893WHooker MSLawrence    MS
Culpepper, James Bishop22 Feb 1897WLawrence MS
dad b. Lawrence Co. MS
Lawrence    MS
Culpepper, S.B.28 Nov 1899WLawrence    MS
Cupsted, Benjamin Eli (Benjanon)07 Aug 1887WBrookhaven MSLawrence    MS
Curney, Robert01 Aug 1891BLawrence Co. MSJefferson Davis    MS
Curtis, Sam20 Feb 1887BOma MSLawrence    MS

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