Descendants of Azariah King

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Azariah King (wife, Mary) of South Carolina died in Lawrence County in 1816.

George W. ….. (m. Sarah R.)
Meshack…..(m. Louisa Whitehead)
Shadrack….(m. Belinda)
Nancy (nothing further is known)

George W. died and Sarah R. married Zebulon Pendleton on 5 May 1825.

After Shadrack died, Belinda married Richard David Ransom in May of 1827 and they are found on the 1830
census in Lawrence county. They later moved to Carroll County where they are found in 1840 and 1850.

1840 Carroll County Census pg 43
Ranson, R. D.
5-10=1, 15-20=2, 20-30=1, 30-40=2
Under 5=2. 5-10=1, 40-50=1

1850 Carroll County Census pg 201
FN 92/104
King, George W age 27 farmer $2000 Miss
Susan D age 22 Miss
Azariah J. age 3
George W age 1
Elizabeth age 4/12

FN 92/105
King, Shadrach age 23 farmer $900 Miss
Sarah A age 23 Miss
Ephriam H age 4
Belinda M age 3
William C age 2
?Dorian A (female) age 0/12

Apparently Richard Ransom died between 1850/1860 because Belinda is later found in the 1860 Scott Co., MS
census District #3, Morton PO, 8/22/1860; HN760/FN760
S. King 36m Farmer 1200 Miss
Sarah King 36f Miss
Euphrasia King 15f Miss att. school
Louisa King 10f Miss att. school
Cicero King 11m Miss att. school
Wm Logan 20m Farm Lab Miss
Ballinda Ransom 63f 800 3500 S.C.

David King on the 1820 census is another, unrelated, King line from North Carolina.
He married Mary Campbell (b 16 Jul 1775) d/o James and Lydia Chapman Campbell. James Campbell born March 03, 1752 in Lenoir County, North Carolina; died 1822 in Lenoir County, North Carolina. He married Lydia Chapman January 15, 1773 near Kingston, Lenoir County, North Carolina. She was born Abt. 1751 and was the daughter of John Chapman and Freelove Weeks.

Another child of James and Lydia was Thomas Campbell, born March 19, 1784 in Lenoir County, North Carolina; died December 10, 1858 in Lawrence County, Mississippi; married Elizabeth Baker March 03, 1808 in Lenoir County, North Carolina.

David died sometime between 1824 and 1830 in Lawrence County. His wife Mary is on the 1830 census.

James, James, Sr., John, Martin, Sr., Jeremiah, Martin, Jr., Thomas, and Charles that appear on the 1840 census come from this family.

Jeremiah King married Mary unknown.

James married Mary Pepper 25 Apr 1822 in Monticello, Lawrence County, MS d/o Ezeriah Pepper.

Their son James Martin King married 1) Matilda Sorrels April 23, 1829 (daughter of Green Sorrels and Isabelle Armstrong) and they had 7 children. 2) Rebecca Netherland (d/o Levi Netherland and Elizabeth Smith) and they had 15 children.

The James King (wife Susan) listed on the 1820 census is of a third King line, also from North Carolina.
The John Fox King (m. Nancy Mills) on the 1820 list is believed to have been either related to David or a close friend as he was a witness to David King’s will in 1824.

Nothing is known about Nathan King who appears on the 1830 census. Based on the age of him and his wife they apparently were elsewhere in 1820. They had either died or moved on by the 1840 census.


Brady, Robert married King, Patience (Peacock) on 15 Dec 1823

Russell, Street King, Nancy 22 Jul 1823 (daughter of Wiley King and Patience Peacock)

King, Martin Jr-Matilda Sorrels April 23, 1829 (daughter of Green Sorrels and Isabelle Armstrong)

King, John D.-Mary McCardel November 30, 1833

Bass, Seaborn King, Patience 15 Mar 1835 (daughter of Wiley King and Patience Peacock)

Dyess, John-King, Harriet 12 May 1835

King, James-Thornhill, Louisa 11 Nov 1856

Census Data on the King Family

Lawrence County 1820

1818 & 1824 State census David King

1820 Lawrence County pg. 72 Line 29    King, David
10-15=1  (David King, born abt. 1813)
16-18=2  (James King, born abt. 1802)
(Thomas King, born abt. 1808) 45+=1
10-15=2 . (Lydia, born abt. 1814)

pg. 72 Line 15   King , George W

pg. 63 Line 19   King, James
to 10=2

pg. 72 Line 37   King, John Fox
to 10=1

pg. 73 Line18    King, Mesach
pg. 73 Line 36   King, Meshach

pg. 60 Line 23   King, Shadrach
to 10=2
Male Slaves to 14=3     14-25=3     26-44=2
Female Slaves to 14=2     14-25=2     26-44=2

pg. 61 Line 3    King, Wiley
to 10=2
to 10=1

Lawrence County 1830

Pg. 56 Line 25       King John D
Line 24                    King Mary
Males 15-20=1
Pg. 56 Line 22       King Meshach
Pg. 56 Line 23       King Sella
Females 50-60=1Pg. 57 Line 1          King James Jr.
Line 2                       King James Senr.
Line 8                       King Nathan
Line 12                     Lewis William
Males 15-20=1

Lawrence County 1830 Census
Pg 62 Line15 (This household contains Belinda King widow of Shadrach and their two sons)
Ransom Richardson D
Under 5=1, 5-10=1 20-30=2
Females 30-40=1

King, J. M.  35           M          W         farmer                  MS
Eliza             30           F            W         Keeps house       MS
John M.       15           M          W                                      MS
E. L.             13           F            W                                      MS
J. B.               8            M          W        Farm hand            MS
J. E.               4            M          W                                     MS
Harper    10/12            M         W                                      MS

J. 190
L. p 209
M. A. p 189
M. H. p 190
Martin A p 192
Mary p 188

p 187 HH 246/246

King, Peter    63     M       B      Farm Hand        MD OR MA
Sophia            40      F        B      Keeps House    MD OR MA
M. J.              25      F        B      farm hand           MS
Allice                5     F         B                                 MS
Dora    6/12             F         B                                 MS

Rufus D p 181
Sarah p 192
William p 195

                                                                                                              William p 201

I have just got to correct some errors in this King line.
The family of David KingFrom Sue Dorman  <> May 20, 2004

First: James Martin King, son of David King and Mary Campbell married Mary Pepper, the daughter of Samuel Pepper and Ann Harper. After she died May 7, 1845 he married Martha Ann Hagen
Davis Weeks in Copiah Co. Dec. 9, 1849. He died Feb. 1859. She died Nov. 23, 1901 and is buried in the Providence Cem. in Copiah Co. The burial place of James is not know for certain, but it is possible he is buried in the Bethel United Methodist Church  in Lincoln Co. as his brother Thomas  King and his wife Ester Deen and son, James M., are buried there.

James and Mary Pepper King’s son James Martin King married Margaret Halbert. Their family is mostly buried in the Bethel UMC cemetery. This relationship is backed up by family bible records in the hands of the great-grandson of James and Margaret Halbert King who has also done extensive research on this family.

James M. & Mary Pepper King had 10 children. James M., Ann P., David D., Ira Arthur, William Winston, Mary Elizabeth, Ann Fisk, Samuel Reuter, Andrew Jackson, and Richard Watson. The last two were twins and they died shorthly after birth. Ira Arthur was killed in the Civil War. Most of the others stayed around the Lincoln Co. area.
The family of Martin King and Mary (last name unknown)

The James M. King that married a Netherland is the supposed son of Martin King and Mahala Sorrells. Mahala is the daughter of  Green Sorrells and Isabella Armstrong. Martin is the son of James K. King and Susan. This is backed up by the estate papers of James K. King found in the Lawrence Co. courthouse naming the children of Martin and Mahala as his heirs.

Martin and Mahala King’s son James M. King married Rachel Netherland the daughter of Levi and Elizabeth Smith Netherland

Martin  (Mahala’s husband) had a brother named John that married Mary Andrews. They had at 6 known children.
Martin and John were the sons of James K. King and Susan (last name unknown for certain, but could be a Lewis)
James K. is the son of  James and Mary (last name unknown) King

These children (the children of  Martin and Mahala King and John and Mary King) were named in the estate papers of James K. King. Susan, his wife and his two sons died before his estate was settled and therefore the grandchildren were the heirs.

Martin and Mahala Sorrells King had 12 children. (named in estate papers)
James M. and Rachel Netherland King had 10 children

James and Mary King (James K. King’s parents) had another son named Martin. This Martin was married to a Mary (possible last name Wallace) They were the parents of  11 children, James, Robert, Charles, Elizabeth, Thomas, Nancy, Sarah, Mary Ann, Eliza, Jeremiah, and Margaret R.  These children are all named in the estate papers of Martin found in the Lawrence Co. courthouse after he died Nov. 11, 1846

Robert married  Mary Martha Brewer
Charles married Margaret Rowan Brown
Elizabeth married William Flippin
Nancy Married Benjamin F. Johnson
Sarah Married John Hobbs
Mary Ann mar. Jesse Yawn
Eliza mar. James M. King (son of John and Mary Andrews King)
Jeremiah mar. Apsy Priscella Tyson (he was killed in the Civil War)
Margaret mar. William Perry Hall

I feel that all of these Kings are related one way or the other, but have not made a connection with David to the other Kings in Lawrence Co.

I hope this will help someone straighten out this King line. It can be very confusing with all the James’ and Martin’s.

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