Located: New Hebron, Lawrence County

The Smith Cemetery is located on Hoover Hammond Road in Lawrence County, Mississippi, at Latitude 31.462653, Longitude -90.183806. The cemetery name originated from the Smith family, who were the original land owners. The property was held by this family for most of 70 years.

The cemetery sits on property which was originally part of the United States Government Lands in Lawrence County, Mississippi. The United States of America deeded the property to Abraham Perkins on December 13, 1819, through a land patent. Mr. Perkins was the father-in-law of Isaiah Smith, Sr.

Property was transferred from Mr. Perkins to Isaiah Smith, Sr., and then to other members of the Smith family,
including Sally (Isaiah Sr.’s wife), Isaiah Jr., Pleasant M., Henrietta Summers (daughter of Isaiah; wife of Gwinn
Summers), and H. H. Smith. During this time, property was also transferred to Z. P. Jones.

H. H. Smith transferred property to S. B. Garner for $840 on January 26, 1887.

S. B. Garner transferred property containing 240 acres, more or less, to William Carroll Nelson for $750 on January 7, 1893. Much of this property remains in the hands of William Carroll Nelson’s descendants.

Members of each of these families were laid to rest in the Smith Cemetery.

For a complete listing of internments in Smith Cemetery, along with images of all remaining headstones, please download the pdf file contributed by Gary Ward Nelson. Much thanks Gary for taking the time to do this for others!!!

Smith Cemetery – 4 meg pdf