Raleigh, Smith County, Mississippi, 1891

Raleigh, the county seat of Smith County, received its name in honor of the dashing but ill-fated Sir Walter Raleigh. It is located a little west of the center of the county, and has a population of two hundred. Its churches and schools are adequate to its needs, and its people are refined, educated and intelligent.

It has a good variety and number of business places, and its merchants and professional men take high rank for integrity and talent.

The first seat of justice was four miles distant from Raleigh, and was called Fairfield. In this county Parkville grew up on the west side of Strong River more than forty years ago, and Trenton, on the east side, had its beginning a few years later.

Other towns and trading points are Sylvarena, Pineville, Taylorsville and Bunker Hill.


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Source: Biographical and Historical Memories of Mississippi, Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1891

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