History of Lawrence County, Mississippi

Lawrence County is in the southern part of Mississippi in the second tier of counties from the Louisiana border. It was one of the fourteen territorial counties represented in the constitutional convention of 1817, having been created December 22, 1814, from the older county of Marion. It originally embraced the eastern half of the present county of Lincoln. The original act defined its boundaries as follows: “Beginning on the Franklin County line, where the middle section of the fifth township intersects the same; thence east along the said line to its intersection with the eastern boundary line of the county of Marion. And all that tract of country on the north side of said line, and within the original boundary of Marion County, shall form a county, known by the name of Lawrence.” Its original area was about 1,000 square miles. By act of January 5, 1819, it contributed of its eastern area to form the county of Covington, and February 12th, of the same year, it surrendered to Marion County the northern half of township 5, ranges 17 and 18; in 1870, it contributed of its western area to form the county of Lincoln and in 1906, a part of its territory was detached in the formation of Jefferson Davis County. The present area of the county is 418 square miles. It is situated in a pleasant region of the State and has an interesting history covering a century in the development of the State.

Brief History
Brief history of Lawrence County, Mississippi, taken from the manuscript: Mississippi History, 1891

Captain James Lawrence
Captain James Lawrence biography, the namesake of Lawrence County, Mississippi. The youngest of eleven children, James Lawrence was born in Burlington on October 1, 1781.

Child Labor Laws
In colonial America, child labor was not a subject of controversy. It was an integral part of the agricultural and handicraft economy. Children not only worked on the family farm but were often hired out to other farmers.

Historical Homes and Buildings
This page depicts a list of homes in Lawrence County, Mississippi that are on the Historic Home Registrar.

Plantations and Antebellum Homes in Lawrence County Prices in 1911
Gives us a peek at what our grandparents spent in 1911 for various groceries.

Church Histories
Church addresses and histories where known for Lawrence County, Mississippi.

Early Members of Mississippi Legislature
The following people represented Lawrence County, Mississippi in the early periods of its history.

Towns and Communities
A brief history on the various towns and communities of Lawrence County, Mississippi. Will aid the genealogist by providing some insight into the Lawrence County area.

News from the Past
This page provides a glimpse into the past by looking at various newspaper items.

Early Senators and Representatives
A list of early senators and representatives representing Lawrence County, Mississippi from 1820-1890.



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  1. I am doing research on my family and came across my 3x great grandfather Ben Stigler and it says that he was from Lawrence County Mississippi, I wanted to see if you have any more information about him parents, especially I know that he was married to Lucinda Stigler and they had Martha Stigler and she had Mary Elizabeth Stigler and then I found them in Logan County Kentucky

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